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How to pronounce mollify (audio)

Dictionary definition of mollify

To calm, sooth, or appease someone's anger, agitation, or distress.
"The politician tried to mollify the angry crowd by addressing their concerns."

Detailed meaning of mollify

When we use the term "mollify," we are emphasizing the effort to reduce or alleviate negative emotions or tensions in another person. This often involves using gentle words, actions, or gestures to ease someone's anger, irritation, or anxiety. Mollifying can be an essential skill in conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships, as it helps to promote understanding and diffuse potentially volatile situations. Overall, "mollify" implies a desire to make things less contentious or distressing by using soothing or conciliatory measures.

Example sentences containing mollify

1. He issued a public apology to mollify the hostile media.
2. The teacher attempted to mollify the boy's outburst.
3. He gave his wife flowers to mollify her disappointment.
4. She had a talent for mollifying her boss.
5. Her calm disposition mollified the angry customer.
6. The shoping center's redesign failed to mollify the critics.

History and etymology of mollify

The verb 'mollify' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'mollis,' which means 'soft' or 'gentle.' The transformation from 'mollis' to 'mollify' occurred through the addition of the suffix '-fy,' which means 'to make' or 'to cause.' Therefore, the etymology of 'mollify' reveals its essence as an action aimed at making something or someone soft or gentle, particularly in the context of emotions. When we use 'mollify' in modern language, it signifies the act of calming, soothing, or appeasing someone's anger, agitation, or distress, reflecting the concept of softening intense emotions, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of mollify

1. The manager tried to mollify the angry customer by offering a sincere apology.
2. She tried to mollify him by explaining the situation in more detail.
3. The government's announcement was intended to mollify the protesters.
4. He tried to mollify her by offering to help with the chores.
5. The CEO's apology was an attempt to mollify the employees after the company's recent mistakes.
6. The therapist used calming words and a gentle touch to mollify the anxious patient.
7. The diplomat tried to mollify the two countries by negotiating a compromise.
8. The teacher tried to mollify the upset student by offering extra help after class.
9. She tried to mollify him by agreeing to his demands.
10. The company's generous offer was intended to mollify the shareholders.
11. The coach tried to mollify the upset player by reminding them of their past successes.
12. His sincere apology and promise to make amends helped mollify her anger.
13. Offering a compromise can often be the key to mollify heated disputes.
14. He tried various gestures to mollify the upset customer's frustration.
15. Her soothing words were meant to mollify and reassure the anxious child.
16. A warm embrace can effectively mollify feelings of sadness and despair.
17. The manager worked diligently to mollify tensions within the diverse team.
18. A cup of hot cocoa was intended to mollify and comfort her on the cold night.
19. Mollify your fears by visualizing a positive outcome.
20. The calming effect of the ocean waves helped to mollify his nerves.
21. Kind and understanding gestures can effectively mollify hurt emotions.
22. His genuine smile and heartfelt words helped to mollify the initially angry crowd.
23. A sincere apology and acknowledgment of wrongdoing can mollify even the most upset person.
24. A peaceful retreat to the countryside can mollify and rejuvenate a troubled soul.
25. Mollify your worries by grounding yourself in the present moment.
26. Offering a helping hand can mollify someone in need of assistance.
27. Her supportive words and listening ear were meant to mollify his anxiety.
28. Mollify your frustration by taking a step back and assessing the situation calmly.
29. Their heartfelt conversation and shared experiences helped to mollify past grievances.
30. Small acts of kindness and empathy can effectively mollify tensions in any relationship.
31. Mollify your anger by practicing deep breathing and self-control techniques.



appease, aggravate, provoke, enrage


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