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How to pronounce monotonous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of monotonous

Repetitive, uniform, and lacking in variety or excitement, often resulting in a tedious or dull quality.
"The book was criticized for its monotonous plot and lack of character development."

Detailed meaning of monotonous

When we characterize something as monotonous, we emphasize its unchanging and predictable nature, suggesting that it lacks the diversity or stimulation that typically makes an experience engaging. Monotonous tasks or routines can become wearisome because they involve doing the same thing repeatedly without much variation, potentially leading to a sense of boredom or monotony. Similarly, a monotonous voice or presentation may lack the intonation or dynamism that captures attention and maintains interest. This term conveys a sense of sameness and a lack of novelty or excitement, making it synonymous with tedium or repetitiveness. Whether referring to daily routines, speeches, or activities, "monotonous" implies a dearth of the elements that add richness and interest to an experience.

Example sentences containing monotonous

1. The work was monotonous and repetitive, making it hard to stay focused.
2. The lecture was monotonous, putting the audience to sleep.
3. The music was monotonous, with a simple and unchanging melody.
4. He found the monotonous routine of his job to be soul-destroying.
5. The landscape was monotonous, with no variation in sight.
6. The journey was monotonous, with nothing of interest to see.

History and etymology of monotonous

The adjective 'monotonous' derives its etymology from the Greek word 'monotonos,' which is a combination of 'monos' meaning 'single' or 'alone,' and 'tonos' meaning 'tone' or 'sound.' The term originally related to music and described a single, unchanging tone or note, which, when repeated, could become tiresome. Over time, this musical concept expanded metaphorically to describe anything characterized by repetitive uniformity and lacking in variety or excitement. Thus, the etymology of 'monotonous' underscores its meaning as an adjective used to convey a tedious or dull quality associated with the repetition of the same, unvarying elements, much like the unchanging note in music.

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Further usage examples of monotonous

1. The party was monotonous, with no changes in the atmosphere and nothing interesting happening.
2. The sound of the factory was monotonous, with nothing to break the monotony.
3. He found the monotonous routine of the prison life to be unendurable.
4. The exercise routine was monotonous, with no variety in the workout.
5. The movie was criticized for its monotonous pacing, with a lack of excitement.
6. The job's monotonous tasks drained his enthusiasm day by day.
7. The factory's monotonous production line never seemed to end.
8. Her monotonous speech, void of passion, left the audience disengaged.
9. The daily commute's monotonous routine became increasingly tedious.
10. The vast, monotonous expanse of the desert stretched endlessly.
11. The classroom's monotonous decor cried out for a splash of color.
12. The lecturer's monotonous drone threatened to lull the students to sleep.
13. The weather forecast predicted more monotonous days of rain ahead.
14. His monotonous tone failed to inject any excitement into the story.
15. The song's monotonous melody offered little variation or surprise.
16. The repetitive, monotonous nature of the job wore down his motivation.
17. The never-ending cycle of traffic jams made commuting monotonous.
18. The author's monotonous prose lacked the spark of creativity.
19. The diet's monotonous menu made it challenging to maintain.
20. The actor's monotonous delivery failed to engage the audience.
21. The barren and monotonous landscape stretched as far as the eye could see.
22. The rows upon rows of data in the spreadsheet appeared monotonous.
23. The long, monotonous highway seemed to extend infinitely.
24. The daily routine's monotonous sameness weighed heavily on his spirit.
25. The film's monotonous plot failed to hold the viewers' attention.



repetitive, varied, diverse, exciting


Apathy and Indifference, Uniformity and Consistency, Dull and Uninteresting

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