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How to pronounce mysterious (audio)

Dictionary definition of mysterious

Enigmatic, puzzling, or difficult to understand or explain.
"She received a mysterious package in the mail, without any return address."

Detailed meaning of mysterious

It refers to situations, events, or entities that possess an aura of secrecy, intrigue, or ambiguity, often shrouded in an element of mystique or hidden knowledge. A mysterious object, for example, might have an unknown origin or purpose, leaving observers intrigued and curious. Similarly, a mysterious person may exhibit a sense of intrigue, behaving in ways that are difficult to decipher or predict. The adjective "mysterious" often evokes a sense of fascination and captivation, as individuals are drawn to uncovering the underlying truths or unraveling the enigma that surrounds the subject. Whether it pertains to unsolved mysteries, intricate puzzles, or the mystic realm of the supernatural, the concept of mysteriousness adds an element of allure and intrigue to our perception of the world.

Example sentences containing mysterious

1. The old abandoned house had a mysterious aura, with rumors of ghostly sightings.
2. The disappearance of the treasure remains a mysterious unsolved case.
3. The magician performed a series of mysterious tricks that left the audience in awe.
4. The closed door at the end of the hallway led to a mysterious room.
5. The detective was determined to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the crime.
6. The mysterious figure in the cloak vanished into thin air before anyone could identify them.

History and etymology of mysterious

The adjective 'mysterious' traces its etymology to the Late Latin word 'mystēriosus,' which is an adaptation of the Greek word 'mystērios' (μυστήριος). In ancient Greek, 'mystērios' was associated with secret rites or rituals, particularly those of the Mysteries, religious ceremonies that were kept confidential and shrouded in secrecy. Over time, the term 'mysterious' evolved in Latin to encompass the broader concept of something enigmatic, puzzling, or difficult to understand or explain. Thus, the etymology of 'mysterious' carries with it a sense of hidden knowledge and secrecy, reflecting its historical connection to the mysteries of ancient religious practices, and has since come to describe anything that eludes easy comprehension or remains enigmatic.

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Further usage examples of mysterious

1. The ancient artifact held a mysterious power that had yet to be fully understood.
2. The book was filled with mysterious symbols that only a few could decipher.
3. The abandoned island had a mysterious past, with tales of buried treasure and lost civilizations.
4. The strange sounds coming from the attic added to the mysterious atmosphere of the old house.
5. The eerie fog made the forest look even more mysterious and haunting.
6. The ancient artifact held a mysterious power that intrigued archaeologists.
7. She received a mysterious package with no return address.
8. The abandoned house had a mysterious aura that scared the locals.
9. The detective was determined to solve the mysterious murder case.
10. The night sky was filled with mysterious, twinkling stars.
11. His disappearance remains one of the most mysterious events in history.
12. The magician performed a mysterious trick that left the audience in awe.
13. The forest had a mysterious and eerie quality after sunset.
14. A mysterious message appeared on her computer screen.
15. The locked chest contained a mysterious treasure from the past.
16. They embarked on a journey to explore the mysterious island.
17. The old book was filled with mysterious symbols and diagrams.
18. The disappearance of the ship in the Bermuda Triangle was truly mysterious.
19. She had a mysterious smile that hinted at hidden secrets.
20. The masked stranger had a mysterious air about him.
21. The ancient ruins held a mysterious allure for adventurous travelers.
22. The detective unraveled the mysterious code in the cryptic message.
23. The forest was known for its mysterious and unexplained phenomena.
24. The eerie, mysterious fog shrouded the town in an unsettling silence.
25. The scientist was obsessed with solving the mysterious phenomenon.



enigmatic, clear, obvious, evident


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