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How to pronounce nested (audio)


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Dictionary definition of nested

Organized or arranged in a series of layers or interconnected structures, with one element enclosed or contained within another.
"The Russian dolls were nested inside one another, creating a set of decreasing size."


Detailed meaning of nested

This term is often used in the context of objects or concepts that fit or rest snugly within each other, forming a hierarchical or nested system. For example, nesting dolls, also known as matryoshka dolls, consist of multiple dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. In computing, nested loops or functions refer to loops or functions contained within other loops or functions, each operating within the scope of the one enclosing it. In a broader sense, "nested" can describe any situation where elements or components are intricately intertwined or layered, often creating a sense of depth or complexity within a structure.

Example sentences containing nested

1. The Russian dolls were beautifully nested inside one another.
2. The code had multiple nested loops for complex calculations.
3. The bird's nest was expertly nested in the tree's branches.
4. The story had a nested narrative within its main plot.
5. The jewelry box contained nested compartments for different pieces.
6. The software utilized nested folders for organizing files.

History and etymology of nested

The adjective 'nested' is derived from the Old English word 'nest,' which refers to a structure built by birds to house their eggs and raise their young. 'Nest' itself has ancient Germanic origins. In the context of 'nested,' it describes something organized or arranged in a series of layers or interconnected structures, with one element enclosed or contained within another. The term effectively conveys the image of elements fitting snugly within one another, much like the way eggs are nestled within a bird's nest. Whether it's nested folders on a computer, nested parentheses in a mathematical expression, or nested dolls in a set, this term emphasizes the idea of objects or concepts being intricately and compactly arranged within a larger framework.

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Further usage examples of nested

1. The Matryoshka-style architecture featured nested arches and doorways.
2. The spreadsheet had nested formulas for intricate calculations.
3. The puzzle had nested pieces that fit together to create a larger picture.
4. The programming language allowed for nested function calls.
5. The nesting dolls revealed smaller figures as they were opened.
6. The company had a nested hierarchy of departments and teams.
7. The project had a nested structure, with subtasks under main goals.
8. The turtle built a carefully nested nest on the sandy beach.
9. The HTML code had nested tags to structure the webpage.
10. The Russian literature class discussed the concept of nested narratives.
11. The treehouse had nested platforms, each offering a different view.
12. The algorithm used a nested approach to solve the complex problem.
13. The Russian doll set had five nested figures, each painted uniquely.
14. The architectural model showcased a building with nested levels and balconies.



layered, isolated, separate, independent

Convoluted and Cryptic, Components and Elements, Order and System, Arrangement and Order

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