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How to pronounce nether (audio)

Dictionary definition of nether

Situated below or beneath, often referring to the lower or undermost parts of a place or object.
"The nether regions of the cave were explored by the spelunkers."

Detailed meaning of nether

When an object or location is described as nether, it suggests a position that is subterranean, underwater, or located in the depths, emphasizing its lowermost or hidden nature. For instance, the nether regions of the ocean refer to the depths of the sea, while the netherworld may refer to the realm of the afterlife or a mysterious and concealed dimension. "Nether" can also be used more broadly to describe things that are remote, hidden, or associated with the darker or concealed aspects of existence. In essence, "nether" signifies a lower, hidden, or subterranean quality, often invoking a sense of mystery or the unknown.

Example sentences containing nether

1. The nether regions of the cave were shrouded in darkness.
2. The nether world is said to be a realm of eternal suffering.
3. The nether sky was filled with ominous clouds.
4. She wore a dress with a nether hemline that brushed the floor.
5. The nether staircase led to a hidden chamber below.
6. The nether branches of the tree hung low, almost touching the ground.

History and etymology of nether

The adjective 'nether' finds its roots in Old English. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'neoðor,' which means 'down' or 'below.' Over time, 'neoðor' evolved into 'nether' in Middle English. The etymology of 'nether' essentially conveys the idea of something being situated below or beneath, particularly in reference to the lower or undermost parts of a place or object. This word has been used to describe the lower regions, depths, or aspects of various entities, and its etymological history reflects its enduring role in English to describe the lowermost or subterranean elements of things.

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Further usage examples of nether

1. His nether voice carried a deep, resonant tone.
2. The nether alleyways were deserted and eerie at night.
3. The nether depths of the ocean hid countless mysteries.
4. The nether portal opened, revealing a fiery landscape.
5. She had a nether glow about her that seemed otherworldly.
6. The nether hallway was lined with ancient statues.
7. He journeyed through the nether woods, navigating by moonlight.
8. The nether gusts of wind howled through the cracks in the walls.
9. The nether aroma of sulfur filled the air.
10. The nether path led to a forgotten graveyard.
11. Her eyes held a nether intensity that captivated those who looked into them.
12. He felt a nether chill run down his spine as he entered the abandoned house.
13. The nether currents carried the canoe swiftly downstream.
14. The nether landscape was desolate and barren, devoid of life.



lower, upper, top, overhead


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