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How to pronounce objectionable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of objectionable

Offensive, disagreeable, or unacceptable, typically because it goes against societal norms, values, or moral standards.
"The movie contained objectionable scenes that offended many viewers."

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Detailed meaning of objectionable

It describes things that provoke strong disapproval or opposition due to their offensive nature, insensitive content, or the way they challenge established beliefs or principles. An objectionable statement, behavior, or idea can cause discomfort, distress, or offense to individuals or groups. It implies that the subject matter or action is objectionable based on widely accepted standards of decency, ethics, or appropriateness, and is likely to be met with criticism, opposition, or calls for change. The perception of what is objectionable can vary depending on cultural, social, or personal perspectives, but the term generally conveys a negative connotation and signifies that the subject in question is morally or ethically problematic.

Example sentences containing objectionable

1. His objectionable comments offended everyone in the room.
2. The movie's objectionable content sparked controversy.
3. Her behavior at the party was truly objectionable.
4. The comedian's jokes were considered objectionable by many.
5. The teacher addressed the objectionable language used in class.
6. His actions were deemed objectionable by the ethics committee.

History and etymology of objectionable

The adjective 'objectionable' draws its etymological origins from the verb 'object,' which in turn is rooted in Latin. The term 'object' is derived from the Latin verb 'objicere,' where 'ob' means 'against' or 'in the way of,' and 'jacere' means 'to throw.' Therefore, 'objectionable' essentially conveys the idea of something being offensive, disagreeable, or unacceptable, often because it goes against societal norms, values, or moral standards. It suggests that the subject matter or behavior is being thrown against established principles or standards, resulting in it being viewed negatively or as a point of contention.

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Further usage examples of objectionable

1. They found the new company policy to be objectionable.
2. The book's objectionable themes led to its banning.
3. The politician's behavior was widely regarded as objectionable.
4. The art exhibit included some truly objectionable pieces.
5. The court ruled the advertisement as objectionable and misleading.
6. The restaurant received complaints about objectionable service.
7. The social media post contained objectionable content.
8. The lyrics of the song were deemed objectionable by parents.
9. The editorial criticized the mayor's objectionable decisions.
10. The company faced backlash for its objectionable practices.
11. The objectionable odor lingered in the room.
12. The dress code deemed revealing clothing as objectionable.
13. The athlete's behavior on the field was considered objectionable.
14. The editorial board denounced the author's objectionable views.
15. His sexist remarks during the meeting were highly objectionable.
16. The politician's racist statements were widely condemned as objectionable.
17. The company's discriminatory hiring practices were deemed objectionable by the public.
18. I found the graphic violence in the video game to be objectionable.
19. The comedian's jokes about sensitive topics were considered objectionable by some audience members.
20. The professor's biased remarks in the lecture were deemed objectionable by students.
21. The advertisement featured objectionable content that sparked a backlash.
22. The book was banned in several countries due to its objectionable themes.
23. The singer's offensive lyrics were labeled as objectionable by many listeners.
24. The politician's corrupt behavior was widely regarded as objectionable.
25. The company's environmental negligence was seen as objectionable by environmentalists.
26. The artist's controversial artwork was deemed objectionable by conservative critics.
27. The teacher's inappropriate comments to students were considered objectionable.
28. The TV show's portrayal of racial stereotypes was highly objectionable to many viewers.



offensive, acceptable, pleasing, desirable


ACT 1 (American College Testing), High School 19, Objection and Disapproval

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