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How to pronounce obscenity (audio)


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Dictionary definition of obscenity

Something that is considered offensive, indecent, or morally objectionable, particularly in terms of explicit sexual content or language.
"The comedian's jokes pushed the boundaries of obscenity, leaving some audience members uncomfortable."

Detailed meaning of obscenity

It encompasses materials, actions, or expressions that violate prevailing social norms and standards of decency. Obscenity often involves sexually explicit content that is deemed to be excessively graphic, lewd, or lascivious, and it may include pornography, explicit language, or explicit depictions of sexual acts. The determination of what constitutes obscenity can vary across cultures, legal jurisdictions, and individual perspectives, but it generally refers to material that is deemed to be highly inappropriate or offensive in a sexual context. Laws and regulations pertaining to obscenity differ across countries and are often subject to ongoing debates regarding freedom of expression, artistic merit, and community standards.

Example sentences containing obscenity

1. The film was banned due to its explicit obscenity, which violated the country's censorship laws.
2. The artist faced backlash for the obscenity depicted in their controversial painting.
3. The novel was criticized for its gratuitous obscenity, with readers finding it offensive and unnecessary.
4. The magazine cover sparked a public outcry for its blatant obscenity and objectification of women.
5. The court ruled that the song's lyrics did not meet the legal definition of obscenity.
6. The website was shut down for hosting obscene content that violated community guidelines.

History and etymology of obscenity

The noun 'obscenity' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'obscenitas,' which is derived from 'ob,' meaning 'against' or 'opposed to,' and 'caenum,' meaning 'filth' or 'dirt.' Therefore, the etymology of 'obscenity' carries the idea of being against or opposed to moral cleanliness or decency. It is used to describe something that is considered offensive, indecent, or morally objectionable, particularly in terms of explicit sexual content or language. This term reflects the historical concern in many societies about maintaining moral standards and avoiding explicit or offensive content, as rooted in its Latin origins in the concept of opposition to cleanliness or decency.

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Further usage examples of obscenity

1. The politician condemned the use of obscenity in public discourse, calling for greater civility and respect.
2. The play tackled provocative themes with a deliberate obscenity, challenging societal norms.
3. The comedian's performance was filled with obscenities, causing some attendees to walk out in protest.
4. The artist faced a lawsuit for creating sculptures that some considered to be obscene and offensive.
5. The book was heavily censored due to its perceived obscenity, limiting its availability to a select few.
6. The comedian's obscenity-laden routine drew mixed reactions from the audience, eliciting both laughter and discomfort.
7. The social media platform implemented stricter guidelines to prevent the spread of obscenity and explicit content.
8. The author defended their use of obscenity as a form of artistic expression, arguing for freedom of speech and creativity.
9. The movie was criticized for its gratuitous obscenity.
10. Public decency laws regulate the display of obscenities.
11. The artist's work was a blend of beauty and obscenity.
12. The comedian's routine was filled with crude obscenities.
13. The use of obscenity in the novel sparked controversy.
14. The teacher removed the obscenity from the classroom.
15. The journalist avoided using obscenities in the article.
16. The court case centered around allegations of obscenity.
17. The book was banned due to its explicit obscenities.
18. He was fined for shouting obscenities in public.
19. Parents were outraged by the film's explicit obscenity.
20. The radio host was suspended for on-air obscenities.
21. The play pushed boundaries with its themes of obscenity.
22. The campaign aimed to combat online obscenity.
23. The artist used shock value with deliberate obscenities.



indecency, decency, propriety, wholesomeness


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