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How to pronounce omnipotence (audio)


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Dictionary definition of omnipotence

The state or quality of being all-powerful or having unlimited power.
"In many religions, the belief in an omnipotent deity is a central tenet."

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Detailed meaning of omnipotence

It is often used to describe a deity or supreme being that is believed to have the ability to do anything and everything without limitation. In philosophical discussions, the concept of omnipotence is often explored in the context of the problem of evil, which questions how an all-powerful, benevolent God could allow evil to exist in the world. The term 'omnipotence' comes from the Latin words 'omni,' meaning all, and 'potentia,' meaning power. In everyday language, it can be used to describe anyone or anything that is extremely powerful or capable of achieving great feats. However, in a theological or philosophical context, it typically refers to the idea of a divine being possessing unlimited power and control over the universe.

Example sentences containing omnipotence

1. The concept of God's omnipotence has been debated by theologians for centuries.
2. Some philosophers argue that the concept of omnipotence is logically incoherent.
3. The superhero's incredible powers approached the level of omnipotence.
4. The idea of human beings possessing omnipotence is a common theme in science fiction.
5. The king's belief in his own omnipotence led to his downfall.
6. The ancient Greeks attributed omnipotence to their gods and goddesses.

History and etymology of omnipotence

The noun 'omnipotence' has its roots in Latin and can be broken down into two components: 'omni,' which means 'all,' and 'potens,' meaning 'powerful' or 'mighty.' In Latin, 'potens' is the present participle of the verb 'posse,' which means 'to be able' or 'to have the power.' When combined with 'omni,' it creates the concept of being all-powerful or having unlimited power. This etymology highlights the idea that 'omnipotence' represents a state or quality of possessing supreme and limitless power. It is a term often associated with deities or gods in religious contexts, emphasizing their ability to exert control over all things.

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Further usage examples of omnipotence

1. The child's imagination allowed him to imagine a world ruled by his own omnipotence.
2. The dictator's quest for omnipotence resulted in the oppression of his people.
3. The Bible describes God's omnipotence in numerous passages.
4. The scientist's discovery seemed to give him an almost omnipotent control over nature.
5. The concept of a computer achieving omnipotence is a common trope in science fiction.
6. The concept of omnipotence has fascinated philosophers for centuries.
7. In mythology, gods often possess the attribute of omnipotence.
8. Achieving omnipotence is a central theme in many science fiction stories.
9. The belief in omnipotence is a cornerstone of some religions.
10. Omnipotence is a rare quality in the realm of superheroes.
11. Philosophers debate the implications of divine omnipotence.
12. The pursuit of omnipotence can lead to moral dilemmas.
13. Fictional villains often seek to attain omnipotence for nefarious purposes.
14. The quest for omnipotence is a recurring motif in epic literature.
15. The allure of omnipotence can corrupt even the noblest of intentions.
16. Some argue that omnipotence is an unattainable ideal.
17. The desire for omnipotence can drive individuals to extreme measures.
18. Omnipotence is often associated with god-like beings in mythology.
19. The concept of omnipotence challenges our understanding of power.
20. Philosophers explore the paradoxes of omnipotence in thought experiments.
21. The pursuit of omnipotence can lead to tragic consequences.
22. The idea of omnipotence raises questions about the nature of existence.
23. Omnipotence is a key theme in discussions about divine attributes.
24. Omnipotence is a topic of debate in theology and metaphysics.
25. The concept of omnipotence inspires awe and curiosity in many.



all-powerful, impotence, weakness, powerlessness


Suffix -ence, SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Strength and Resilience, Power and Control

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