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How to pronounce patently (audio)


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Dictionary definition of patently

Evident or unmistakably clear, often in a way that requires no further explanation or proof.
"His argument was patently flawed and easily debunked."


Detailed meaning of patently

When an issue or situation is described as "patently" something, it means that its characteristics, nature, or implications are so obvious and self-evident that they can be readily observed and understood by anyone without the need for elaborate reasoning or clarification. "Patently" emphasizes the straightforwardness and transparency of a matter, indicating that its truth or reality is plain and unambiguous. This word is often employed when there is a desire to emphasize the glaring or undeniable nature of a fact or assertion.

Example sentences containing patently

1. His genius was patently obvious to everyone who met him.
2. The flaws in the system were patently evident.
3. The candidate's qualifications were patently superior.
4. The artwork's beauty was patently undeniable.
5. Her dedication to the cause was patently unwavering.
6. The company's success was patently due to its innovative approach.

History and etymology of patently

The adverb 'patently' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'patens,' which means 'open' or 'clear.' In English, 'patently' is used to describe something that is evident or unmistakably clear, often in a way that requires no further explanation or proof. It emphasizes the idea that a fact or situation is so transparent and obvious that it is readily apparent to anyone observing it. The etymology of 'patently' underscores its historical connection to the concept of openness and clarity, emphasizing the straightforward and self-evident nature of that which it describes.

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Further usage examples of patently

1. His anxiety about the presentation was patently visible.
2. The need for change was patently clear to all.
3. The patient's relief after treatment was patently visible.
4. The urgency of the situation was patently apparent.
5. The story's moral lesson was patently obvious.
6. The team's camaraderie was patently strong.
7. His gratitude for the support was patently heartfelt.
8. The solution to the puzzle was patently straightforward.
9. Her interest in the topic was patently genuine.
10. The impact of the speech was patently profound.
11. The flaws in the argument were patently evident.
12. His determination to succeed was patently unwavering.
13. The danger of the situation was patently real.
14. The beauty of the landscape was patently breathtaking.
15. It was patently obvious that the new product would be a success.
16. Patently, the company had not taken the necessary safety precautions.
17. The solution was patently simple, yet no one had thought of it before.
18. It was patently clear that the politician was lying.
19. The evidence was patently insufficient to support the claim.
20. Patently, the artist had put a great deal of thought and effort into the piece.
21. The mistake was patently obvious and should have been caught sooner.
22. Patently, the new policy was not well received by employees.
23. The design was patently innovative and won multiple awards.
24. The patent application had been patently rejected due to lack of originality.
25. It was patently unfair for one team to have an advantage over the other.



obviously, obscurely, ambiguously, subtly

Accuracy and Precision, Certainty and Conviction, Nuance and Precision, Truth and Honesty

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