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How to pronounce perpendicular (audio)


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Dictionary definition of perpendicular

Two lines or surfaces that meet at a 90-degree angle.
"The flagpole stood perpendicular to the ground."


Detailed meaning of perpendicular

It is a term used in geometry to describe the orientation of objects or shapes relative to each other. When two lines or surfaces are perpendicular, they intersect at a right angle, forming a perfect square corner. This concept is fundamental to many fields of study, including architecture, engineering, and mathematics. In addition, the term can also be used more broadly to describe the position of an object that is upright, straight, or vertical in relation to a surface or plane. Overall, the adjective perpendicular conveys the idea of objects or shapes being oriented at a precise right angle, and is an essential concept for understanding the geometry and spatial relationships of objects in the physical world.

Example sentences containing perpendicular

1. The tower stood tall with walls perpendicular to the ground.
2. The car parked at a perpendicular angle to the curb.
3. The intersecting roads met at a perpendicular junction.
4. He placed the bookshelf perpendicular to the wall.
5. The two beams formed a perfect perpendicular cross.
6. The architect designed a house with perpendicular walls.

History and etymology of perpendicular

The adjective 'perpendicular' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'perpendicularis,' which can be broken down into two components: 'per,' meaning 'through,' and 'pendere,' meaning 'to hang' or 'to suspend.' The original use of this term in Latin referred to something hanging perfectly vertical, such as a plumb line. Over time, it came to describe the geometric concept of two lines or surfaces meeting at a 90-degree angle, where one appears to be hanging directly over the other. The etymology of 'perpendicular' aptly conveys the idea of a right angle, emphasizing the concept of lines or surfaces that intersect vertically, forming a precise and perpendicular meeting point.

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Further usage examples of perpendicular

1. She drew a perpendicular line on the graph to show the limit.
2. The ladder leaned at a perpendicular angle against the tree.
3. The skateboard ramp had a perpendicular drop for added thrill.
4. The fence posts stood perfectly perpendicular to the ground.
5. The teacher explained the concept of perpendicular lines.
6. The mountain range had cliffs that were nearly perpendicular.
7. The shelf brackets were positioned at perpendicular angles.
8. The canyon walls rose steeply, almost perpendicular.
9. The sun's rays hit the water at a perpendicular angle.
10. The skyscraper had perpendicular beams supporting its structure.
11. The painter ensured the stripes were perfectly perpendicular.
12. The ship sailed toward the island at a perpendicular approach.
13. The flagpole stood tall and perpendicular in the breeze.
14. He adjusted the picture frame to make it hang perpendicular.
15. The walls of the building were perpendicular to each other.
16. The teacher drew a perpendicular line on the chalkboard.
17. The trees in the forest grew perpendicular to the slope.
18. The support beams were perpendicular to the ceiling.
19. The bridge spanned the river at a perpendicular angle.
20. The tower rose perpendicular to the skyline.
21. The fence posts were set perpendicular to the ground.
22. The floor joists were installed perpendicular to the wall studs.
23. The airplane descended perpendicular to the runway.
24. The crosswalk was painted perpendicular to the road.



orthogonal, parallel, aligned, horizontal


Balance and Stability, Spatial Formations and Design, Space and Positioning

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