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How to pronounce persuadable (audio)

Dictionary definition of persuadable

Open to being influenced, convinced, or swayed by persuasive arguments, reasoning, or evidence.
"The salesperson recognized the customer's persuadable nature and tailored the pitch accordingly."

Detailed meaning of persuadable

A persuadable person is receptive to new ideas and perspectives, willing to consider alternative viewpoints and adjust their opinions based on persuasive information presented to them. They exhibit a level of flexibility and a willingness to change their beliefs or attitudes when provided with compelling or logical arguments. Being persuadable does not imply gullibility or blindly accepting every argument, but rather a willingness to critically evaluate and be responsive to well-reasoned persuasion. A persuadable person demonstrates intellectual curiosity, a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue, and an openness to growth and learning.

Example sentences containing persuadable

1. Jane is a persuadable individual who is open to considering different perspectives.
2. The focus group consisted of a diverse range of persuadable participants.
3. He has a persuadable mindset, always willing to listen to compelling arguments.
4. The teacher tailored her lesson plans to engage and persuade the persuadable students.
5. The politician targeted the persuadable voters with a strategic campaign.
6. The committee members were persuadable and open to exploring alternative solutions.

History and etymology of persuadable

The adjective 'persuadable' finds its etymological roots in the word 'persuade,' which has its origins in Latin. 'Persuade' comes from the Latin verb 'persuadere,' composed of 'per,' meaning 'thoroughly,' and 'suadere,' meaning 'to advise' or 'to urge.' Thus, 'persuadere' originally conveyed the notion of advising or urging someone thoroughly, often with the intent to influence their opinion or actions. Over time, this evolved into the modern English term 'persuade,' denoting the act of convincing or swaying someone's beliefs or decisions through reasoning, arguments, or evidence. Consequently, 'persuadable' refers to individuals who are open to being influenced or convinced by persuasive methods, reflecting the enduring connection between persuasion and the ability to sway minds through well-constructed arguments.

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Further usage examples of persuadable

1. The workshop aimed to equip attendees with the necessary skills to become more persuadable.
2. The advertising campaign aimed to reach a persuadable audience through targeted messaging.
3. The persuadable employee was swayed by the team's convincing proposal.
4. The study aimed to investigate factors that make individuals more persuadable to adopting sustainable practices.
5. The influencer's engaging content attracted a wide range of persuadable followers.
6. His persuadable nature made him receptive to new ideas.
7. She remained persuadable, willing to consider different viewpoints.
8. The jury appeared persuadable by the prosecutor's arguments.
9. Being persuadable can be an asset in diplomatic negotiations.
10. The politician targeted persuadable voters with her campaign.
11. In debates, he was persuadable when presented with facts.
12. Persuadable minds are open to constructive criticism.
13. The team's persuadable attitude allowed for quick adjustments.
14. Being persuadable often leads to personal growth.
15. The company sought out persuadable investors for its pitch.
16. A persuadable audience is essential for effective communication.
17. Her persuadable disposition made her an ideal collaborator.
18. The teacher found her students to be remarkably persuadable.
19. Persuadable consumers can be swayed by compelling ads.
20. In negotiations, he remained persuadable throughout.
21. Being persuadable fosters a culture of adaptability.
22. Persuadable employees contribute to a flexible workplace.
23. The persuadable nature of the market drove marketing strategies.
24. The persuadable electorate played a crucial role in the election.
25. His persuadable mindset led to constant self-improvement.



open-minded, stubborn, inflexible, unyielding


ACT 3 (American College Testing), Influence and Persuasion, Persuasion and Negotiation

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