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How to pronounce photogenic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of photogenic

Exceptionally attractive, appealing, or visually pleasing when captured in photographs or on camera.
"The actress had a photogenic smile that lit up the screen."

Detailed meaning of photogenic

When someone is referred to as photogenic, it means they have facial features, expressions, or a presence that translates well into photographs, often appearing more attractive or charismatic than they might in person. Similarly, objects, landscapes, or scenes can also be described as photogenic if they exhibit qualities that make them particularly striking and captivating when photographed. This term emphasizes the subject's ability to appear charming and visually appealing when portrayed through the lens of a camera, highlighting their suitability for photography or the art of capturing images.

Example sentences containing photogenic

1. The vibrant sunset painted the sky in photogenic shades of orange and pink.
2. The old ruins made for a photogenic backdrop for the fashion photoshoot.
3. The photogenic cat seemed to strike a pose whenever a camera was around.
4. The picturesque village was a photogenic destination for tourists and photographers alike.
5. The model's symmetrical features made her incredibly photogenic in every shot.
6. The architecture of the historic building proved to be highly photogenic for architecture enthusiasts.

History and etymology of photogenic

The adjective 'photogenic' has its etymological roots in the combination of two words: 'photo,' which is derived from the Greek 'phos' meaning 'light,' and 'genic,' which comes from 'genesis' meaning 'origin' or 'creation.' 'Photogenic' describes someone or something that is exceptionally attractive, appealing, or visually pleasing when captured in photographs or on camera. The term embodies the idea that certain individuals or subjects have a natural quality that translates well into photographic images, often appearing more charming or beautiful when photographed than in person. 'Photogenic' reflects the human fascination with the interplay of light, angles, and aesthetics in photography, highlighting the allure of subjects that effortlessly captivate the lens and viewers alike.

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Further usage examples of photogenic

1. The beach's clear blue waters and white sands were undeniably photogenic.
2. The photogenic flowers in the garden attracted many photographers.
3. Even the candid moments of the wedding turned out to be incredibly photogenic.
4. The actor's photogenic smile charmed his fans on and off the screen.
5. The photogenic landscape of rolling hills and vineyards was a sight to behold.
6. The photogenic couple's engagement photos captured their love in every frame.
7. The city's bustling markets and colorful streets were a photographer's photogenic paradise.
8. The photogenic quality of the mountain range made it a popular spot for hikers and photographers.
9. The food truck's artfully presented dishes were not only delicious but also highly photogenic.
10. The photogenic skyscrapers formed a stunning skyline against the backdrop of the setting sun.
11. The photogenic reflections on the tranquil lake created a mirror-like effect.
12. The athlete's dynamic movements on the field were photogenic moments frozen in time.
13. The photogenic innocence of the children playing in the park was heartwarming.
14. The photogenic textures of the abandoned factory walls provided a unique canvas for street artists.



attractive, unphotogenic, unflattering, plain


Advantageous and Beneficial, Beauty and Appearance, Seduction and Allure, Aesthetic and Appearance

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