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How to pronounce posit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of posit

To put forward a theory, idea, or argument, often as a starting point for further discussion or investigation.
"Many religions posit the existance of life after death."


Detailed meaning of posit

It implies a sense of assertion or hypothesis, and suggests that the thing in question is being proposed or suggested for consideration. For example, a scientist might posit a new theory to explain a particular phenomenon, or a philosopher might posit an argument to support a particular viewpoint. The term 'posit' can also be used to describe the act of making an assumption or taking something as given, such as when a researcher posits a particular set of assumptions to guide their analysis or when a teacher posits a particular premise for a class discussion. Overall, the term 'posit' is used to describe the act of putting forward a theory, idea, or argument for consideration or discussion, and is often associated with the idea of hypothesis or assumption.

Example sentences containing posit

1. The scientist will posit a new hypothesis based on the experimental data.
2. It is essential to carefully posit the problem before seeking solutions.
3. The philosopher will posit a thought experiment to explore ethical dilemmas.
4. He will posit that human behavior is influenced by both nature and nurture.
5. The economist will posit a theory to explain the fluctuations in the stock market.
6. The literary critic will posit an interpretation of the author's intent.

History and etymology of posit

The verb 'posit' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'ponere,' which means 'to place' or 'to put.' In Latin, 'ponere' was used in various contexts, including the placement of objects, ideas, or concepts. Over time, 'posit' emerged in English to represent the act of putting forward a theory, idea, or argument as a starting point for further discussion or investigation. The term 'posit' retains its etymological link to the fundamental concept of placing or setting something in a particular position, which in the context of discourse, implies the introduction of an idea or proposition into a conversation or debate, often with the intention of prompting examination or exploration.

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Further usage examples of posit

1. She will posit that creativity is a result of a combination of imagination and skill.
2. The psychologist will posit that early childhood experiences shape personality development.
3. He will posit that technology has transformed the way we communicate.
4. The sociologist will posit that social inequality affects individuals' opportunities.
5. The mathematician will posit a mathematical theorem to solve a complex problem.
6. The historian will posit a new interpretation of historical events based on new evidence.
7. She will posit that empathy is a crucial factor in building strong relationships.
8. The linguist will posit a linguistic hypothesis to explain language acquisition.
9. The political scientist will posit a model to understand voting behavior.
10. He will posit that economic growth is influenced by technological advancements.
11. The philosopher will posit that happiness is the ultimate goal of human existence.
12. The geologist will posit a theory to explain the formation of geological features.
13. She will posit that cultural norms shape individual values and beliefs.
14. The physicist will posit a new equation to describe the behavior of subatomic particles.



propose, refute, deny, reject


GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Choices and Decisions, Interaction and Articulation, Inquiry and Insight, Discussion and Argumentation

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