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How to pronounce precariat (audio)

Dictionary definition of precariat

A social class of individuals who have little job security, low wages, and minimal access to social benefits such as healthcare or retirement plans.
"The precariat often work in the gig economy."

Detailed meaning of precariat

This group often includes gig workers, freelancers, and part-time employees who lack stability in their work arrangements and are at risk of losing their income at any time. The term "precariat" also encompasses the broader social and economic conditions that contribute to the growth of precarious employment, including globalization, automation, and the decline of traditional forms of employment. Overall, the precariat represents a new and significant challenge for policymakers and society as a whole as they seek to address the changing nature of work and the social protections that workers need to thrive in the modern economy.

Example sentences containing precariat

1. The rise of the precariat is a significant social phenomenon in today's world.
2. Many in the precariat struggle with job insecurity and lack of stable income.
3. The precariat often faces challenges accessing healthcare and other essential services.
4. The gig economy has contributed to the growth of the precariat.
5. The documentary highlighted the experiences of individuals in the precariat.
6. The organization's goal is to advocate for the rights of the precariat workers.

History and etymology of precariat

The noun 'precariat' is a relatively modern term that combines 'precarious' and 'proletariat.' It emerged in the late 20th century to describe a social class of individuals who have little job security, low wages, and minimal access to social benefits such as healthcare or retirement plans. The word 'precarious' denotes the unstable and uncertain nature of their employment, while 'proletariat' traditionally referred to the working class. The 'precariat' represents a segment of the population facing economic insecurity, often engaging in temporary, part-time, or gig work without the traditional benefits associated with stable employment. This term highlights the evolving dynamics of the labor market and the challenges faced by those in precarious work situations, emphasizing the need for labor rights, social safety nets, and fair economic policies.

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Further usage examples of precariat

1. The precariat's vulnerability to economic fluctuations is a cause for concern.
2. The novel explored the emotional toll of living in the precariat.
3. The precariat seeks greater representation in policy-making to address their issues.
4. The labor market changes have led to the expansion of the precariat.
5. The precariat faces difficulties in planning for the future due to uncertain employment.
6. The artist's work captured the complexities of life within the precariat.
7. The precariat often experiences stress and anxiety due to their uncertain circumstances.
8. The organization provides resources and support for those in the precariat.
9. The precariat's struggles are often overlooked by mainstream society.
10. The precariat's experience highlights the need for social safety nets.
11. The film portrayed the resilience of individuals in the precariat striving for better lives.
12. The precariat's stories underscore the need for fair labor practices.
13. The precariat's sense of belonging and community is often forged through shared experiences.
14. The precariat's demands for better working conditions are gaining momentum.



unstable, secure, stable, established


Prefix pre-, Challenges and Distress, Challenges and Difficulties, Community and Society, Adversity and Obstacle, Alternative Lifestyles and Poverty

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