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How to pronounce premeditated (audio)


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Dictionary definition of premeditated

Planned, considered or thought out in advance, typically with the intention of committing a deliberate action or crime.
"The premeditated murder was planned for weeks before it was carried out."


Detailed meaning of premeditated

A premeditated act is one that has been carefully planned ahead of time, often involving detailed and strategic preparation. This can apply to both positive and negative actions, such as a premeditated surprise party or a premeditated murder. A premeditated act is different from an impulsive one, as it implies that the person has taken the time to think through their actions and the consequences that may result. The term 'premeditated' is often used in legal contexts to describe actions that are considered to be more severe or intentional than those that were committed in the heat of the moment.

Example sentences containing premeditated

1. The jury found him guilty of premeditated murder after a two-week trial.
2. Her actions were not spontaneous; they were clearly premeditated.
3. The defendant denied the charge of premeditated assault in court.
4. The plot was a premeditated act aimed at destabilizing the government.
5. He was arrested for premeditated robbery and held without bail.
6. Premeditated cheating on the exam resulted in her expulsion from the school.

History and etymology of premeditated

The adjective 'premeditated' has its roots in Latin. It stems from the Latin word 'praemeditatus,' which is a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'meditatus,' derived from 'meditari,' meaning 'to think' or 'to consider.' Therefore, etymologically, 'premeditated' can be understood as 'thought out in advance' or 'considered beforehand.' In its modern usage, it describes actions or plans that are carefully planned, typically with the intention of committing a deliberate action or crime. The word's etymology underscores the idea of preplanning and deliberate forethought, emphasizing that the actions were not impulsive but rather calculated and intentional.

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Further usage examples of premeditated

1. The officer suspected the crime was premeditated, not an act of passion.
2. In the legal system, premeditated actions often lead to harsher penalties.
3. Her premeditated departure left him in a state of shock and disbelief.
4. The bank heist was a premeditated operation that took months to plan.
5. The attack was premeditated, leaving no room for claims of self-defense.
6. It was a premeditated scheme to defraud investors out of millions.
7. His apology didn’t seem sincere, almost as if it was premeditated.
8. She felt guilty because her actions were not accidental but premeditated.
9. Premeditated actions showed a level of calculation that was concerning.
10. The prosecution argued that it was a premeditated act of violence.
11. His remarks were not off the cuff but appeared to be premeditated.
12. The athlete's move to another team had been premeditated for months.
13. Their relationship ended because of a premeditated betrayal.
14. Premeditated sabotage led to the failure of the mission.
15. The act was premeditated, designed to cause maximum chaos and harm.
16. The intrusion into the system was a premeditated act of cyber warfare.
17. The judge ruled the crime was premeditated, leading to a longer sentence.
18. Premeditated theft carries a more severe penalty than petty theft.
19. She felt deceived because the whole act had been premeditated.
20. The committee's decision seemed spontaneous, but it was premeditated.
21. The insult was not just a slip of the tongue; it was premeditated.
22. The choice was premeditated, after considering all the pros and cons.
23. Their premeditated exit strategy worked flawlessly, avoiding capture.
24. The artist's stunt was premeditated to draw attention to his cause.



deliberate, spontaneous, unplanned, impulsive


Prefix pre-, Decision and Discretion, Discipline and Control, Effort and Exertion, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Unethical and Immoral

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