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dictate, suggest, recommend, propose


Prefix pre-, Boundaries and Limits, Compliance and Regulation, Authority and Order, Rigor and Rebellion, Rules and Regulations



How to pronounce prescribe (audio)


Dictionary definition of prescribe

To formally establish a regulation or requirement for someone to follow.
"The doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat your infection."

Detailed meaning of prescribe

When someone prescribes a rule, they are typically asserting their authority or expertise to mandate a particular course of action or behavior. For example, a doctor may prescribe a medication for a patient to take, a teacher may prescribe a specific method of teaching for their students, or a government may prescribe laws for its citizens to follow. The act of prescribing can be either positive or negative, depending on the rule being established and the context in which it is being implemented. Regardless of the circumstances, prescribing typically involves a clear and authoritative statement of what is required, with the expectation that those subject to the rule will comply with it.

Example sentences containing prescribe

1. The pharmacist can prescribe over-the-counter pain medication.
2. The nutritionist may prescribe a specific diet plan for weight loss.
3. The psychiatrist might prescribe antidepressants for depression.
4. The optometrist will prescribe new glasses for better vision.
5. The veterinarian could prescribe medication for your pet's allergies.
6. The dentist may prescribe a fluoride toothpaste for stronger enamel.

History and etymology of prescribe

The verb 'prescribe' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'praescribere,' a combination of 'prae,' meaning 'before,' and 'scribere,' meaning 'to write.' In Latin, 'praescribere' originally meant to write something before or in advance, often in the context of medical instructions or legal regulations. Over time, this term evolved in English to encompass the idea of formally establishing a regulation or requirement for someone to follow, as if it were written in advance. The etymology of 'prescribe' highlights its historical connection to the act of setting forth rules or guidelines in a formal and written manner, whether for medical treatments, legal matters, or other aspects of life where clear instructions are needed.

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Further usage examples of prescribe

1. The dermatologist can prescribe a topical cream to treat acne.
2. The therapist might prescribe relaxation techniques for stress management.
3. The ophthalmologist will prescribe eye drops to reduce eye inflammation.
4. The oncologist could prescribe chemotherapy for cancer treatment.
5. The chiropractor may prescribe exercises to alleviate back pain.
6. The cardiologist will prescribe medication to control high blood pressure.
7. The neurologist might prescribe a migraine medication for headache relief.
8. The pulmonologist can prescribe inhalers for asthma management.
9. The physical therapist may prescribe stretching exercises for flexibility.
10. The gynecologist will prescribe birth control pills for contraception.
11. The rheumatologist might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication for arthritis.
12. The allergist could prescribe an epinephrine auto-injector for severe allergies.
13. The podiatrist will prescribe orthotics to correct foot alignment.
14. The coach prescribed a training regimen for the team to follow.

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