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How to pronounce principled (audio)


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Dictionary definition of principled

Characterized by adherence to a set of ethical principles, values, or beliefs.
"He was a principled journalist who always upheld the truth."


Detailed meaning of principled

When someone is described as principled, it implies that they consistently act in accordance with a well-defined code of conduct or moral framework, even in the face of challenges or temptations to compromise those principles. Principled individuals are often seen as trustworthy and honorable because they make decisions and behave in ways that align with their deeply held convictions. Such adherence to principles can extend to various aspects of life, including personal relationships, professional conduct, and ethical decision-making, reflecting a commitment to doing what is considered right or just, often even when it is difficult or unpopular to do so.

Example sentences containing principled

1. He was a principled man who never wavered in his beliefs.
2. The organization was founded on principled values of equality and justice.
3. The school was known for its principled approach to education.
4. He was a principled politician who always put the needs of his constituents first.
5. The lawyer was highly regarded for her principled approach to the law.
6. The doctor was a principled professional who always put the well-being of her patients first.

History and etymology of principled

The adjective 'principled' has its etymological roots in the word 'principle.' 'Principle' comes from the Latin word 'principium,' which means 'beginning' or 'foundation.' Over time, the term 'principle' evolved to encompass fundamental truths, rules, or values upon which actions and beliefs are based. From 'principle,' the adjective 'principled' emerged, describing individuals or behaviors characterized by adherence to a set of ethical principles, values, or beliefs. The etymology of 'principled' effectively captures its historical association with the idea of being guided by foundational and moral principles, emphasizing its role as an adjective used to describe individuals or actions grounded in a strong ethical framework.

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Further usage examples of principled

1. He was a principled individual who never compromised his values for personal gain.
2. The company was praised for its principled approach to business ethics.
3. She was a principled educator who always encouraged her students to think critically.
4. The athletes were admired for their principled stance on equal pay and opportunities.
5. The non-profit was respected for its principled efforts to address social issues and make a positive impact.
6. Her principled stance on honesty earned her the respect of her peers.
7. A principled leader inspires trust through consistent ethical choices.
8. He maintained his principled commitment to justice throughout his career.
9. A principled approach to decision-making guides us in times of uncertainty.
10. Their principled objection to corruption was unwavering.
11. Principles are the foundation of a principled life.
12. Principled individuals uphold their values even in challenging situations.
13. A principled stand against discrimination fosters equality.
14. The principled lawyer fought for justice in every case.
15. Her principled dedication to environmental conservation inspired many.
16. Principled leaders lead by example, setting high moral standards.
17. The principled employee refused to compromise on ethical standards.
18. Principles provide a roadmap for a principled society.
19. He based his business on principled ethics, not shortcuts.
20. Principled activists work tirelessly for social change.
21. The organization is known for its principled commitment to human rights.
22. Principled citizens vote with their values in mind.
23. The principled decision was challenging but morally right.
24. His principled approach to philanthropy had a lasting impact.
25. We need principled leaders to navigate complex ethical dilemmas.



ethical, unprincipled, unethical, immoral


Appreciation and Honor, Discipline and Self-Control, Options and Determinations, Commitment and Responsibility, Resilience and Resolve, Governance and Authority, Morality and Influence

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