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How to pronounce procreate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of procreate

To reproduce or generate offspring through sexual reproduction.
"Humans and animals procreate to ensure the survival of their species."

Detailed meaning of procreate

It involves the coming together of male and female reproductive cells, typically sperm and egg, to create a new organism or life. Procreation is a fundamental process in the propagation of species and the continuation of life on Earth. While "procreate" primarily pertains to the biological context of reproducing, it can also be used metaphorically or in a broader sense to describe the creation or generation of something new, such as ideas, concepts, or artistic works, although in such cases, it is less commonly used than words like "create" or "generate." Overall, "procreate" emphasizes the act of bringing forth new life or existence, whether in a biological or metaphorical sense.

Example sentences containing procreate

1. Many species procreate to ensure the survival of their genetic lineage.
2. Animals procreate instinctively to pass on their unique traits.
3. Humans procreate for both emotional fulfillment and continuation of the family.
4. In spring, birds procreate to hatch a new generation of chicks.
5. Marine creatures often procreate in large numbers to offset predation.
6. The goal of every species is to procreate and propagate its genes.

History and etymology of procreate

The verb 'procreate' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'procreare,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'forward' or 'forth,' and 'creare,' meaning 'to create' or 'to generate.' Therefore, 'procreate' can be translated as 'to create forward' or 'to generate offspring.' In English, 'procreate' entered the language in the late Middle Ages, retaining its sense of reproducing or generating offspring through sexual reproduction. The term emphasizes the act of bringing forth new life and the continuation of a species through the process of sexual reproduction. Its etymology underscores the central role of reproduction and the creation of future generations in the perpetuation of life.

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Further usage examples of procreate

1. Plants use various methods to procreate and disperse seeds.
2. Mammals procreate through intricate courtship rituals and mating.
3. Bees play a crucial role in pollination, helping plants procreate.
4. Procreating responsibly includes considering the well-being of offspring.
5. Some organisms can procreate both sexually and asexually.
6. Certain reptiles, such as the Komodo dragon, can procreate without a male.
7. Birds mate and procreate to fill their nests with eggs.
8. We are biologically wired to procreate and continue the lineage.
9. Not every couple chooses to procreate, some prefer adopting children.
10. Some plants procreate by spreading their seeds in the wind.
11. Whales travel thousands of miles to find a mate and procreate.
12. Many animals procreate at a specific time of year, known as the breeding season.
13. The pair of swans returned each year to the same spot to procreate.
14. In spring, you can observe animals in the wild start to procreate.
15. Many insects procreate rapidly, leading to large populations.
16. To procreate is to take part in the miracle of life.
17. Some people decide not to procreate due to overpopulation concerns.
18. In some cultures, the pressure to procreate can be very strong.
19. The urge to procreate is a fundamental aspect of life on Earth.
20. Conservation efforts often focus on helping endangered species procreate.
21. To procreate or not is a deeply personal decision for many individuals.
22. The lion and the lioness procreate, bringing forth the next generation of the pride.



reproduce, abstain, cease, prevent


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