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How to pronounce prophecy (audio)

Dictionary definition of prophecy

A prediction or statement about the future, often made by a prophet or other religious figure.
"The ancient prophecy foretold the coming of a great leader."

Detailed meaning of prophecy

In many cultures and religions, prophecy is seen as a divine revelation or message from a higher power, and is often regarded as a powerful and authoritative statement about what is to come. Prophecies can take many forms, from specific predictions about future events, to more general statements about the nature of the world or the human condition. Prophecies can also be found in literature, poetry and other forms of art. Prophecies can be either conditional or unconditional, meaning that the prophecy can be dependent on certain conditions or events happening or not. In some cases, the prophecy is seen as a warning or a call to action, while in others it is seen as a promise of something positive.

Example sentences containing prophecy

1. The prophecy's accuracy was debated by scholars for centuries.
2. The prophet's warning was ignored, leading to a disastrous outcome.
3. The king consulted the seer to learn about a prophecy regarding his kingdom's future.
4. The religious text contained prophecies about the end of the world.
5. The prophecy inspired a rebellion against the oppressive ruler.
6. The prophet's cryptic prophecy left the audience confused and intrigued.

History and etymology of prophecy

The noun 'prophecy' has its origins in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'prophētēs,' which combines 'pro,' meaning 'before,' and 'phēmē,' meaning 'spoken word' or 'expression.' In ancient Greece, a 'prophētēs' was someone who spoke or declared things before they happened, often with a divine or supernatural connection. These individuals were believed to have the ability to foresee and communicate future events. As the term entered the English language, it retained its association with predictions about the future, typically made by prophets or other religious figures who claimed to have special insight or divine guidance. Thus, 'prophecy' not only signifies predictions of future events but also carries with it the historical resonance of divine communication and foresight, reflecting its ancient Greek roots.

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Further usage examples of prophecy

1. The villagers believed in a prophecy that predicted a bountiful harvest.
2. The fortune-teller's prophecy turned out to be eerily accurate.
3. The hero fulfilled the ancient prophecy and saved the kingdom from destruction.
4. The prophecy's interpretation varied depending on the culture and context.
5. The prophecy's fulfillment brought hope and renewed faith to the people.
6. The prophecy of a world-changing event captivated humanity's imagination, sparking endless speculation.
7. Her prophecy of global peace resonated with people worldwide, offering hope for a brighter future.
8. The ancient prophecy of a celestial alignment left astronomers in eager anticipation of a rare cosmic event.
9. A prophecy of a technological breakthrough sparked excitement in the scientific community, driving innovation.
10. The oracle's prophecy of an imminent natural disaster sent shockwaves through the coastal community.
11. The prophecy of a mystical encounter with extraterrestrial beings fueled fascination and apprehension.
12. The prophecy of a historic discovery ignited scientific curiosity and international collaboration.
13. Her prophecy of a paradigm shift in medicine challenged conventional thinking.
14. The ancient prophecy of a cultural renaissance inspired artists, musicians, and writers.
15. A prophecy of political upheaval shook the foundations of the government.
16. The oracle's prophecy of a seismic event raised concerns among residents.
17. The prophecy of a revolutionary technology disrupted entire industries.
18. A prophecy of a financial crisis prompted investors to reevaluate their portfolios.
19. The prophecy of a societal transformation sparked debates about the future.
20. Her prophecy of an educational revolution spurred innovations in teaching methods.
21. The ancient prophecy of a spiritual awakening brought solace to believers worldwide.
22. A prophecy of an ecological disaster underscored the urgency of environmental conservation.
23. The oracle's prophecy of a global conflict cast a shadow of uncertainty over international relations.



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