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How to pronounce prophet (audio)

Dictionary definition of prophet

An individual who is believed to possess divine or spiritual insight and is chosen or inspired to deliver messages or prophecies from a higher power.
"The ancient civilization revered their prophets as the messengers of the gods."

Detailed meaning of prophet

Prophets are often regarded as intermediaries between the divine realm and humanity, acting as messengers or spokespersons for religious or spiritual teachings. They are commonly associated with various religious traditions and belief systems, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other ancient or indigenous faiths. Prophets are considered to have a unique ability to receive revelations, visions, or divine guidance, which they communicate to others for the purpose of guidance, enlightenment, or warning. Their messages can encompass a wide range of subjects, including moral teachings, predictions of future events, calls for repentance or social change, or the interpretation of sacred texts. Throughout history, prophets have played significant roles in shaping religious beliefs, inspiring followers, and influencing societal and cultural practices based on their perceived connection with the divine.

Example sentences containing prophet

1. The prophet spoke of peace, urging unity among all people, kindling hope anew.
2. She, a revered prophet, revealed futures untold, stirring hearts with her words.
3. In the desert, a prophet’s voice echoes, blending with the wind’s haunting song.
4. Wisdom flowed like a river when the prophet unveiled the enigmatic prophecy.
5. His eyes, deep and knowing, marked him as the last prophet of an ancient era.
6. A child prophet, wise beyond years, foretold a time of harmony and blissful peace.

History and etymology of prophet

The noun 'prophet' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'prophētēs,' which is derived from 'pro,' meaning 'before,' and 'phēmi,' meaning 'to speak.' In ancient Greece, a 'prophet' was seen as someone who spoke on behalf of the divine, often delivering messages or prophecies about the future or conveying spiritual insights. The term 'prophētēs' referred to individuals believed to possess a special connection to the divine or supernatural realm, chosen or inspired to convey important revelations. This Greek concept was adopted into Latin as 'propheta' and later made its way into Old French and Middle English as 'prophet,' retaining its essential meaning of an individual who is believed to possess divine or spiritual insight and is chosen or inspired to deliver messages or prophecies from a higher power. The etymology of 'prophet' underscores its historical association with the role of intermediaries between the earthly and the divine, emphasizing their significance in various religious and spiritual traditions.

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Further usage examples of prophet

1. The prophet's words, cryptic yet profound, lingered in the awed silence.
2. Clad in simplicity, the prophet wandered, his insights a beacon to the lost.
3. With every prophecy, the enigmatic prophet earned believers and sceptics alike.
4. Amidst chaos, a prophet rose, weaving hope with words, calm in stormy despair.
5. The old texts spoke of a prophet, destined to unveil truths buried by time.
6. Under the moon’s gaze, the prophet, silent, whispered secrets of the cosmos.
7. A prophet, misunderstood, carried the burden of foresight in a blind world.
8. Mountains echoed the prophet’s voice, heralding an era of renewal and hope.
9. The villagers, sceptical first, soon revered the young prophet’s profound insight.
10. Each prophecy, a gem of wisdom, elevated the humble prophet to sainthood.
11. A prophet, unyielding, faced persecution, his truths unwavering amidst trials.
12. In the prophet’s eyes, galaxies swirled, revealing a universe of untold stories.
13. The mystic prophet, revered and feared, unveiled a future both dark and bright.
14. Amidst the silent ruins, the prophet’s prophecies live, undimmed by the ravages of time.
15. The prophet delivered a powerful sermon, inspiring the congregation with his words.
16. People traveled from far and wide to seek the wisdom of the renowned prophet.
17. The prophet foretold a great calamity that would befall the kingdom if they did not change their ways.
18. Many considered him a false prophet, as his predictions often failed to come true.
19. The prophet's teachings emphasized love, compassion, and justice for all.
20. The prophet's words resonated deeply with those seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment.
21. The prophet urged the people to live in harmony with nature and respect the earth.
22. Throughout history, prophets have emerged to guide humanity through times of uncertainty.
23. The prophet's visions provided hope and solace to those facing adversity.
24. The community gathered around the prophet, eagerly awaiting the divine messages he would relay.
25. The prophet's legacy lives on through the scriptures and teachings that bear his name.



seer, nonbeliever, skeptic, doubter


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