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How to pronounce proscribe (audio)

Dictionary definition of proscribe

To forbid or prohibit something officially, usually through a law or decree.
"The company proscribe the use of company equipment for personal use."

Detailed meaning of proscribe

The term is often used to describe a formal ban or exclusion, particularly in the context of legal or political systems. For example, a government may proscribe certain types of behavior or speech that are deemed harmful or offensive, or a religious organization may proscribe certain practices or beliefs that are considered heretical or immoral. The term can also be used more broadly to describe a general condemnation or ostracism of someone or something, often in response to social or cultural norms. Overall, the verb 'proscribe' implies a formal and authoritative rejection or prohibition of something, and connotes a sense of authority and power.

Example sentences containing proscribe

1. The government can proscribe certain types of speech.
2. Laws proscribe discrimination in the workplace.
3. The school may proscribe certain clothing items.
4. They proscribe the use of fireworks in the city.
5. The rules proscribe smoking indoors.
6. The contract may proscribe sharing confidential information.

History and etymology of proscribe

The verb 'proscribe' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'proscribere,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'forth' or 'forward,' and 'scribere,' meaning 'to write.' In Latin, 'proscribere' originally referred to the act of publishing or publicly posting the names of individuals who were outlawed or condemned. This public posting served as an official declaration of prohibition or banishment. Over time, in English, 'proscribe' evolved to mean the act of officially forbidding or prohibiting something, usually through a law or decree. The etymology of 'proscribe' underscores its historical connection to the formal, written declaration of prohibition, highlighting the authoritative nature of such decrees and the consequences they carry.

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Further usage examples of proscribe

1. The regulations proscribe excessive noise during nighttime.
2. The club's policies proscribe disruptive behavior.
3. The law will proscribe unfair business practices.
4. His religion doesn't proscribe the consumption of alcohol.
5. They proscribe the use of cell phones while driving.
6. The treaty will proscribe the use of chemical weapons.
7. The company may proscribe personal use of office supplies.
8. The court can proscribe contact between the parties.
9. The government should proscribe hate speech.
10. The guidelines proscribe unauthorized access to the system.
11. The city may proscribe the sale of certain products.
12. The association's rules proscribe unapproved alterations.
13. The school may proscribe cheating on exams.
14. The code of ethics will proscribe unethical behavior.
15. The school proscribe the use of mobile phones during class.
16. The government proscribe the sale of certain drugs.
17. The religious group proscribe the consumption of alcohol.
18. The law proscribe discrimination based on race, gender, or sexual orientation.
19. The country proscribe the practice of child labor.
20. The league proscribe the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
21. The company proscribe the sharing of confidential information.
22. The university proscribe plagiarism and academic dishonesty.
23. The organization proscribe any form of violence or harassment.
24. The state proscribe the use of fireworks in residential areas.
25. The society proscribe certain forms of dress in public places.



outlaw, permit, allow, authorize


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), Boundaries and Limits, Compliance and Regulation, Authority and Order, Denial and Defiance, Rules and Regulations

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