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How to pronounce proselytize (audio)


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Dictionary definition of proselytize

To attempt to convert someone to one's own belief or opinion.
"The company has been trying to proselytize their product to a wider audience."


Detailed meaning of proselytize

It can also refer to trying to recruit someone to a particular cause or way of thinking. This usually involves actively seeking out individuals and presenting arguments in support of one's beliefs or ideology, often with the goal of persuading them to change their own views. Proselytizing can take many forms, including preaching, teaching, or engaging in one-on-one conversations with potential converts. While often associated with religious contexts, the term can be applied to any attempt to promote or spread a particular set of beliefs.

Example sentences containing proselytize

1. The missionary traveled to remote villages to proselytize the local population.
2. The religious group actively seeks opportunities to proselytize and spread their beliefs.
3. The preacher was passionate about his faith and would often proselytize to anyone who would listen.
4. Some people find it uncomfortable when others try to proselytize their religious views.
5. The organization sends volunteers to proselytize in foreign countries.
6. The group set up a booth at the fair to proselytize and share their message.

History and etymology of proselytize

The verb 'proselytize' has its etymological roots in Greek, particularly from the word 'prosēlytos,' which means 'a newcomer' or 'a recent convert.' This term was used in the Septuagint, an ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, to refer to non-Israelites who had converted to Judaism. In English, 'proselytize' emerged in the 17th century and retained its sense of attempting to convert someone to one's own belief or opinion, often with zeal or fervor. The etymology of 'proselytize' reflects its historical connection to the process of religious conversion, emphasizing the act of persuading or bringing newcomers or converts into one's own faith or ideology.

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Further usage examples of proselytize

1. The street preacher would often stop passersby to proselytize about his religious convictions.
2. The religious leader encouraged his followers to actively proselytize and recruit new members.
3. The church organized a campaign to proselytize in the local community.
4. Some people are put off by the aggressive manner in which some individuals proselytize.
5. The missionaries faced challenges as they tried to proselytize in a foreign culture.
6. The religious sect sent out teams to proselytize in different regions of the country.
7. The goal of the conference was to train attendees on effective methods to proselytize.
8. The religious text contains passages that encourage followers to proselytize.
9. The group organized a door-to-door campaign to proselytize in the neighborhood.
10. He often tries to proselytize his political views to anyone who will listen.
11. Some people proselytize their religion door-to-door.
12. The activist used social media to proselytize for environmental causes.
13. Attempting to proselytize your beliefs can be off-putting to others.
14. The preacher spent hours proselytizing to passersby on the street.
15. She never hesitates to proselytize her favorite diet plan.
16. He seeks to proselytize for his tech startup at every opportunity.
17. The religious group sends missionaries to proselytize in remote areas.
18. It's important to respect people's boundaries and not proselytize aggressively.
19. Some individuals proselytize veganism as the solution to all problems.
20. She doesn't want to proselytize; she just wants to share her experience.
21. He uses his blog to proselytize for a minimalist lifestyle.
22. The aim is to inform, not proselytize, in this educational campaign.
23. Don't push your beliefs; instead, engage in open dialogue.
24. It's more effective to inspire change than to proselytize forcefully.



convert, dissuade, discourage, deter


SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Correspondence and Understanding, Persuasion and Negotiation

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