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How to pronounce protrude (audio)

Dictionary definition of protrude

To extend or stick out from a surface or area beyond what is normal or expected.
"The tree roots protrude above the ground in the park."

Detailed meaning of protrude

The term can be used to describe physical objects, such as body parts, buildings, or other structures, that project outwards from their surroundings. Protrusion can also refer to non-physical objects or concepts, such as ideas or emotions, that become visible or prominent in a given context. Overall, the verb 'protrude' connotes a sense of extension, visibility, or prominence, and is used to describe objects or concepts that are visibly or tangibly present beyond what is expected or normal.

Example sentences containing protrude

1. The tree branches protrude over the edge of the roof.
2. The jagged rocks protrude from the ocean's surface.
3. The sculpture's intricate details cause parts to protrude outward.
4. The nail on the wall can make the picture frame protrude slightly.
5. The handlebar of the bike can protrude if not adjusted properly.
6. The sharp corners of the furniture can easily protrude and cause accidents.

History and etymology of protrude

The verb 'protrude' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'protrudere,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'forward,' and 'trudere,' meaning 'to thrust' or 'to push.' Thus, 'protrudere' literally meant 'to thrust forward' or 'to push out.' In English, 'protrude' adopted this sense of something extending or sticking out from a surface or area beyond what is typical or anticipated. The word captures the idea of an object or element pushing itself forward or outward from its usual position, making it a fitting term to describe such instances of projection or extension in the English language.

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Further usage examples of protrude

1. The mountain peaks protrude above the cloud line.
2. The roots of the tree can protrude through the soil surface.
3. The button on the remote control seems to protrude more than the others.
4. The metal rods protrude from the concrete foundation.
5. The broken glass shards protrude from the shattered window.
6. The bookshelf's shelves protrude just enough for books to be displayed.
7. The feathers on the bird's wings protrude when it stretches them.
8. The handle on the suitcase can protrude when pulled out.
9. The character's tongue can protrude in the animated film.
10. The edges of the torn paper can protrude beyond the book's cover.
11. The sharp teeth of the predator protrude from its mouth.
12. The thorns on the rose stem protrude and can prick your fingers.
13. The cliffs on the coastline protrude dramatically into the sea.
14. The corner of the table can protrude and cause someone to bump into it.



extend, recess, retract, indent


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