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How to pronounce protuberance (audio)

Dictionary definition of protuberance

A noticeable or prominent bulge, projection, or swelling that extends outward from a surface.
"The doctor examined the patient's protuberance, suspecting it might be a benign growth."

Detailed meaning of protuberance

It typically describes a physical feature or characteristic that is visibly raised or elevated in comparison to its surroundings. Protuberances can be found on various objects, organisms, or structures, including the human body, where they can manifest as bumps, knobs, or protrusions. These protrusions can be natural or acquired, temporary or permanent, and can vary in size and shape. Examples of protuberances include the bulges on tree trunks, the raised areas on certain animal species, or the prominent facial features that distinguish individuals. In a broader sense, "protuberance" can also refer to metaphorical or abstract concepts, such as an idea or an element that stands out prominently or deviates from the norm. Overall, the term "protuberance" describes a visible, elevated, or prominent feature that is distinct from its surrounding surface or environment.

Example sentences containing protuberance

1. The hiker noticed a small protuberance on the tree trunk as he leaned against it.
2. The artist meticulously sculpted the protuberances on the statue's face, adding depth and character.
3. The geologist studied the protuberances on the rock formation, deciphering their geological significance.
4. The architect designed the building with decorative protuberances, giving it a unique and striking appearance.
5. The child pointed excitedly at the protuberance on the animal's back, curious about its purpose.
6. The cyclist adjusted the saddle to accommodate the bony protuberance on his pelvis.

History and etymology of protuberance

The noun 'protuberance' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'protuberantia,' which is derived from 'pro,' meaning 'forward' or 'forth,' and 'tuber,' meaning 'a swelling' or 'a lump.' This etymology vividly illustrates the concept of a protuberance as a noticeable or prominent bulge, projection, or swelling that extends outward from a surface. It conveys the idea of something pushing forward and swelling out, creating a conspicuous and distinct feature on an otherwise flat or uniform surface. Thus, the word 'protuberance' reflects its Latin origins by emphasizing the characteristic of standing out or protruding prominently.

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Further usage examples of protuberance

1. The scientist discovered a fossilized protuberance on the ancient reptile's skull, indicating a unique evolutionary feature.
2. The chef carefully removed the protuberances from the potato, ensuring a smooth surface for even cooking.
3. The backpacker stumbled on a protuberance on the trail, causing a brief moment of imbalance.
4. The photographer captured the delicate protuberances on the flower petals, showcasing their intricate details.
5. The researcher documented the protuberances on the insect's exoskeleton, analyzing their role in camouflage.
6. The mountain's protuberance dominated the landscape.
7. Her smile revealed a charming dental protuberance.
8. The artist sculpted the figure's facial protuberance with precision.
9. The elephant's trunk is a remarkable facial protuberance.
10. A protuberance on the tree trunk held a hidden treasure.
11. The lunar surface exhibits numerous crater protuberances.
12. A sudden protuberance in the road caused a bumpy ride.
13. The hiker marveled at the rock's unusual protuberance.
14. The chef garnished the dish with a colorful vegetable protuberance.
15. The satellite captured images of a Martian surface protuberance.
16. The child pointed excitedly at the toy's unusual protuberance.
17. The doctor examined the patient's skin for any abnormal protuberances.
18. The volcano's protuberance signaled imminent eruption.
19. A protuberance in the sand indicated a buried treasure chest.
20. The butterfly's wings displayed vibrant protuberances.
21. The tree's bark had an intriguing protuberance that caught my eye.
22. A protuberance on the old building hinted at its historical significance.
23. The architectural design featured a sleek glass protuberance.
24. The geologist studied the rock's protuberance for clues to its formation.
25. The camel's hump is a distinctive dorsal protuberance.



lump, dent, depression, cavity


Suffix -ance, SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Development and Growth, Shape and Form

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