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supply, lack, deprivation, absence


Suffix -sion, Additional and Supplementary, Aid and Assistance, Options and Determinations, Prediction and Foresight



How to pronounce provision (audio)


Dictionary definition of provision

A specific item, resource, or measure that is supplied or made available to fulfill a particular need or requirement.
"The emergency kit contains various provisions for unforeseen situations."

Detailed meaning of provision

It can refer to tangible things such as food, supplies, or equipment, as well as intangible aspects such as support, assistance, or legal measures. Provisions are typically made in anticipation of future events or circumstances, with the aim of ensuring preparedness, safety, or sustenance. They can be made by individuals, organizations, or governments to meet various needs, including basic necessities, legal requirements, or contingency plans. Provisions can also refer to specific clauses, rules, or conditions that are included in agreements, contracts, or laws to regulate or address certain situations. In a broader sense, provision can also imply a state or act of providing, delivering, or making available something necessary or desired. Overall, the noun "provision" encompasses the act, process, or tangible/intangible items that are provided or arranged to address needs, requirements, or contingencies.

Example sentences containing provision

1. The camping trip requires careful provision of food, water, and camping gear.
2. The company made a provision for employee benefits in the annual budget.
3. The contract includes a provision for early termination.
4. The government implemented provisions to protect endangered species.
5. The school made provisions for students with special needs.
6. The hotel offers excellent provisions for guest comfort and convenience.

History and etymology of provision

The noun 'provision' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'provisio,' which is derived from 'pro,' meaning 'for' or 'in advance,' and 'videre,' meaning 'to see' or 'to foresee.' This etymology aptly captures the essence of a provision as something made available in advance to fulfill a particular need or requirement. It implies a sense of foresight and preparation, emphasizing the act of seeing ahead and making arrangements to address future necessities. Whether it's a specific item, resource, or measure, a provision is designed to meet anticipated needs, ensuring that the necessary supplies or solutions are at hand when required. Thus, the word 'provision' underscores the concept of thoughtful preparation and readiness for contingencies.

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Further usage examples of provision

1. The disaster relief organization provided immediate provisions to the affected community.
2. The new law includes provisions for stricter environmental regulations.
3. The company's financial report includes a provision for potential losses.
4. The ship stocked up on provisions before setting sail.
5. The family's emergency plan includes provisions for communication and shelter.
6. We need to make adequate provision for food during the trip.
7. The company increased its provision for employee benefits.
8. The store's provision of fresh produce is exceptional.
9. Access to clean water is a vital provision for communities.
10. The school board approved a budget for educational provision.
11. The emergency shelter provides provision for the homeless.
12. The contract includes a provision for dispute resolution.
13. A provision of medical supplies is essential in crises.
14. Legal provisions protect the rights of individuals.
15. The company made a generous provision for employee training.
16. Adequate provision of textbooks is crucial for students.
17. The government increased the provision for public transportation.
18. The campsite lacked proper provision for waste disposal.
19. Disaster relief organizations offer provision for survivors.
20. The project's success depends on timely provision of materials.
21. We must ensure a provision of safety measures at the event.
22. The law mandates the provision of equal opportunities.
23. The company's provision of childcare benefits is commendable.
24. The shelter relies on community provision for support.
25. The budget includes a provision for infrastructure development.

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