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How to pronounce prowess (audio)

Dictionary definition of prowess

Exceptional skill, ability, or expertise in a particular field or endeavor.
"The athlete's prowess on the field was unmatched."

Detailed meaning of prowess

It is often associated with acts of strength, bravery, or remarkable achievement, showcasing a person's or entity's superior capabilities. Prowess can manifest in various domains, such as sports, combat, leadership, or any area requiring extraordinary competence. When someone is said to possess great prowess, it implies that they excel and stand out due to their remarkable talents or accomplishments, setting them apart as accomplished and highly skilled individuals. Prowess is not limited to physical strength but encompasses mental, artistic, and professional abilities, highlighting the exceptional qualities that make someone outstanding in their chosen field.

Example sentences containing prowess

1. Her culinary prowess is renowned in the restaurant industry.
2. The athlete's prowess on the field is unmatched.
3. He demonstrated his technical prowess in the competition.
4. The artist's creative prowess shines in every masterpiece.
5. The pilot's flying prowess led to a safe landing.
6. The musician's prowess with the violin is extraordinary.

History and etymology of prowess

The noun 'prowess' has its etymological origins in Old French, where it was spelled as 'prouesse.' It can be traced back further to the Vulgar Latin word 'prodeza,' which was derived from the Latin 'prodesse,' meaning 'to be useful' or 'to be of value.' The transition from the notion of usefulness to exceptional skill or ability is quite fascinating. In the context of 'prowess,' it conveys the idea that someone who possesses prowess is not only skilled but also highly valuable or impressive in their particular field or endeavor. This evolution in meaning reflects how the term has come to signify extraordinary expertise and mastery in a specific domain, emphasizing both skill and the inherent value of that skill.

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Further usage examples of prowess

1. The detective's investigative prowess solved the case.
2. Her leadership prowess made her an effective manager.
3. The scientist's research prowess is globally recognized.
4. The writer's storytelling prowess captivates readers.
5. The engineer's technical prowess is vital in the project.
6. The CEO's business prowess transformed the company.
7. The surgeon's surgical prowess saved many lives.
8. The chess grandmaster's strategic prowess is legendary.
9. The teacher's educational prowess inspires students.
10. The lawyer's legal prowess won the complex case.
11. The mountain climber's physical prowess is remarkable.
12. The swimmer's aquatic prowess earned gold medals.
13. The diplomat's negotiation prowess fostered peace.
14. The hacker's digital prowess raised security concerns.
15. The company's financial prowess allowed it to weather economic downturns.
16. Her artistic prowess was evident in her breathtaking sculptures.
17. The team's military prowess helped them win the battle.
18. The actor's prowess on stage earned him rave reviews from critics.
19. The scientist's technological prowess led to the development of groundbreaking new products.
20. His prowess as a negotiator helped him secure a favorable contract for his company.
21. The musician's vocal prowess wowed audiences at every performance.
22. The company's marketing prowess enabled it to dominate its industry.
23. The chef's culinary prowess earned her a Michelin star.
24. The writer's literary prowess was recognized with a prestigious award.
25. The player's gaming prowess made him a celebrity in the online community.



expertise, ineptitude, weakness, incompetence


Excellence and Virtue, Advancement and Improvement, Excellence and Eminence, Achievement and Excellence, Skill and Distinction

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