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How to pronounce pubescence (audio)

Dictionary definition of pubescence

The stage of development in human beings, commonly known as adolescence or puberty, during which significant physical, emotional, and sexual changes occur.
"Pubescence marks the beginning of fertility in both males and females."

Detailed meaning of pubescence

Pubescence represents the transitional period between childhood and adulthood, typically characterized by the onset of secondary sexual characteristics, such as the growth of pubic hair, breast development in females, and facial hair growth in males. Alongside these physical changes, hormonal fluctuations contribute to emotional and psychological shifts, shaping individuals' identity and sense of self. Pubescence is often accompanied by heightened self-awareness, increased peer influence, and the exploration of romantic and sexual relationships. It is a time of rapid growth and maturation, both physically and intellectually, as individuals navigate their changing bodies and social dynamics. While the duration and specific experiences of pubescence may vary, it is a universally recognized and essential phase of human development.

Example sentences containing pubescence

1. Pubescence is a stage of physical development characterized by the onset of sexual maturity.
2. The pubescence of plants refers to the growth of fine hairs on their surfaces.
3. Adolescence is often referred to as the period of pubescence in human development.
4. The onset of pubescence can bring about various hormonal changes in the body.
5. During pubescence, individuals may experience an increase in oil production, leading to acne.
6. The pubescence of certain fruits, like peaches, gives them a fuzzy texture.

History and etymology of pubescence

The term 'pubescence' traces its etymological roots to the Latin word 'pubescens,' which is the present participle of 'pubescere.' 'Pubescere' means 'to reach maturity' or 'to become adult.' The Latin word 'pubes' also refers to the physical signs of maturity, particularly the growth of hair around the genitals. 'Pubescence' thus denotes the stage of development in human beings, commonly known as adolescence or puberty, during which significant physical, emotional, and sexual changes occur as individuals transition from childhood to adulthood. This etymology highlights the association between the term 'pubescence' and the process of maturation, especially the physical transformations that are emblematic of this developmental phase.

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Further usage examples of pubescence

1. Understanding the physiological changes during pubescence is essential for parents and caregivers.
2. The pubescence of leaves can act as a protective layer against pests and excessive sunlight.
3. The psychological effects of pubescence can include mood swings and heightened self-consciousness.
4. The transition from childhood to pubescence can be challenging for both adolescents and their parents.
5. Researchers are studying the effects of environmental factors on the timing of pubescence in children.
6. The pubescence of certain animals, such as rabbits, helps them blend into their surroundings.
7. Proper education about reproductive health is crucial during the period of pubescence.
8. The timing of pubescence can vary widely among individuals, influenced by genetic and environmental factors.
9. Pubescence marks the transition from childhood to adulthood.
10. During pubescence, hormonal changes lead to physical growth.
11. Emotional turbulence often accompanies pubescence.
12. The onset of pubescence varies from person to person.
13. Pubescence can be a challenging time for both teens and parents.
14. The signs of pubescence are evident in the changing body.
15. Adolescents navigate identity formation in pubescence.
16. Hormonal fluctuations are a hallmark of pubescence.
17. Pubescence is a crucial period for sexual development.
18. Pubescence is a time of increased social interactions.
19. Acne is a common skin issue during pubescence.
20. Peer influence plays a significant role in pubescence.
21. Parents should provide guidance during their child's pubescence.
22. Pubescence can be a time of self-discovery and growth.
23. Psychological support is essential for adolescents in pubescence.



adolescence, infancy, adulthood, maturity

Suffix -ence, SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Development and Growth, Life Stages and Mortality

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