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How to pronounce publicize (audio)

Dictionary definition of publicize

To promote, advertise, or make something known to the general public or a specific target audience.
"The organization used social media to publicize their fundraising campaign."

Detailed meaning of publicize

It involves the dissemination of information, news, or details about a person, product, event, or organization with the intention of generating awareness, interest, or attention. Publicizing typically involves utilizing various communication channels, such as media outlets, social media platforms, websites, or public relations efforts, to reach a wide audience. By publicizing something, individuals or entities aim to increase visibility, gain publicity, or enhance the reputation and recognition of the subject being promoted. Publicizing can involve sharing positive news, highlighting achievements, announcing events, or providing valuable information to engage and inform the public. The goal of publicizing is to generate interest, drive participation or consumption, and ultimately shape public opinion or perception in a desired manner.

Example sentences containing publicize

1. We need to publicize the event to attract more attendees.
2. The company plans to publicize its new product launch through various marketing channels.
3. The campaign aims to publicize the benefits of recycling to raise awareness.
4. The organization will publicize its annual fundraising gala through social media.
5. They decided to publicize the findings of their research study in a scientific journal.
6. The artist hired a publicist to publicize their upcoming art exhibition.

History and etymology of publicize

The verb 'publicize' derives its etymological roots from the noun 'public,' which comes from the Latin word 'publicus,' meaning 'of the people' or 'belonging to the state.' When we add the suffix '-ize,' which has its origins in Greek and is used to form verbs indicating the process or action of making something or someone conform to a particular quality or state, we create 'publicize.' Therefore, 'publicize' essentially means to promote, advertise, or make something known to the general public or a specific target audience. Its etymology underscores the idea of disseminating information or making it accessible to the broader populace, aligning with the core concept of sharing knowledge or making something widely visible.

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Further usage examples of publicize

1. The government launched a campaign to publicize the importance of voting.
2. The nonprofit organization uses posters and flyers to publicize its initiatives.
3. The movie studio will publicize the film premiere with a star-studded red carpet event.
4. The author went on a book tour to publicize their latest novel.
5. The restaurant hired a marketing agency to publicize its grand opening.
6. The charity used billboards to publicize its fundraising drive.
7. The fashion brand collaborated with a popular influencer to publicize its new clothing line.
8. The musician held a press conference to publicize their upcoming album.
9. The university organized a lecture series to publicize the research of its faculty members.
10. The political party used television advertisements to publicize its policy platform.
11. The startup company relied on word-of-mouth to publicize its innovative product.
12. The sports team used social media to publicize its upcoming games.
13. The magazine published an article to publicize the achievements of a local entrepreneur.
14. The museum hosted a special exhibit to publicize its collection of rare artifacts.



broadcast, conceal, hide, suppress


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