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How to pronounce pulmonary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pulmonary

Relating to the lungs or the respiratory system within the human body.
"The patient's chronic cough was a symptom of a pulmonary condition."


Detailed meaning of pulmonary

The adjective "pulmonary" relates to the lungs or the respiratory system, specifically referring to anything associated with or connected to the lungs. It is commonly used in medical contexts to describe conditions, diseases, or procedures that involve the lungs, such as pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary function tests, or pulmonary embolism. This term plays a crucial role in the field of medicine and healthcare, as it helps professionals accurately describe and diagnose issues related to the respiratory system, enabling them to provide appropriate treatment and care for patients with lung-related conditions.

Example sentences containing pulmonary

1. The doctor specializes in pulmonary medicine, treating diseases of the lungs.
2. The pulmonary function test measured his lung capacity.
3. The pulmonary artery carries oxygen-poor blood from the heart to the lungs.
4. The athlete's rigorous training improved his pulmonary endurance.
5. Smoking is a major risk factor for developing pulmonary diseases.
6. The pulmonary ventilation rate increases during strenuous exercise.

History and etymology of pulmonary

The adjective 'pulmonary' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'pulmo,' which means 'lung.' It is used to describe anything related to the lungs or the respiratory system within the human body. The term 'pulmonary' is commonly employed in medical and anatomical contexts to refer to conditions, diseases, or procedures involving the lungs. Its etymology underscores its direct connection to the vital organ responsible for oxygenating the blood and expelling carbon dioxide, highlighting the term's significance in the medical field when discussing lung-related matters.

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Further usage examples of pulmonary

1. The surgeon performed a pulmonary lobectomy to remove a cancerous tumor.
2. The new medication aims to improve pulmonary function for those with lung disorders.
3. The researcher studied the effects of air pollution on pulmonary health.
4. The pulmonary veins transport oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart.
5. High-altitude environments can challenge the pulmonary system due to reduced oxygen.
6. The pulmonary capillaries facilitate the exchange of gases in the lungs.
7. The patient's pulmonary symptoms improved after starting a new treatment.
8. The emergency room treated a patient with acute pulmonary edema.
9. The pulmonary embolism required immediate medical intervention.
10. The pulmonary rehabilitation program helped patients regain lung function.
11. The pulmonary surfactant prevents the collapse of lung alveoli.
12. The chest X-ray revealed abnormalities in the pulmonary tissue.
13. The doctor explained the importance of maintaining healthy pulmonary function.
14. Pulmonary diseases like asthma affect the airways in the lungs.
15. Smoking is a leading cause of pulmonary health issues.
16. The patient underwent a pulmonary function test.
17. Pulmonary infections can be caused by various pathogens.
18. The doctor specializes in pulmonary medicine.
19. Oxygen is vital for proper pulmonary function.
20. Pulmonary edema can result from heart failure.
21. The firefighter wore a pulmonary mask to breathe in smoke-filled air.
22. Early detection is crucial in treating pulmonary disorders.
23. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs help patients regain lung function.
24. The physician recommended a pulmonary vaccine for at-risk individuals.



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