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How to pronounce purify (audio)


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Dictionary definition of purify

To remove impurities or contaminants from something, typically a substance or an environment, in order to make it clean, pure, or free from unwanted elements.
"The water treatment plant uses advanced filtration systems to purify drinking water."

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Detailed meaning of purify

Purification involves the process of eliminating or reducing pollutants, toxins, dirt, or any undesirable substances that may compromise the quality, safety, or integrity of the object or environment being purified. It can be achieved through various methods, such as filtration, distillation, chemical treatments, or physical processes, depending on the nature of the impurities and the desired outcome. The purpose of purification is to improve the quality, enhance the functionality, or ensure the suitability of the purified entity for its intended use or purpose. It is commonly applied in areas such as water treatment, air purification, food processing, pharmaceutical production, and spiritual or ceremonial practices. Purification is aimed at achieving a state of cleanliness, clarity, or sanctity by removing impurities and restoring the desired attributes or qualities.

Example sentences containing purify

1. She decided to purify her body by following a strict detox diet.
2. The air purifier helps to purify the air in the room by removing pollutants and allergens.
3. The priest conducted a ritual to purify the sacred space before the ceremony.
4. The distillation process is used to purify alcohol and remove impurities.
5. The company developed a new technology to purify industrial wastewater and reduce pollution.
6. The herbal tea is known to purify the digestive system and promote detoxification.

History and etymology of purify

The verb 'purify' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'purificare,' which is a combination of 'purus,' meaning 'pure,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' Thus, 'purify' literally means 'to make pure.' When applied, it signifies the act of removing impurities or contaminants from something, whether it's a substance or an environment, with the aim of rendering it clean, untainted, and free from unwanted elements. This etymology emphasizes the transformational aspect of the word, as it conveys the idea of improving the quality or state of something by eliminating any foreign or undesirable components, aligning with the fundamental concept of purification.

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Further usage examples of purify

1. He used a water filter to purify the river water before drinking it during the camping trip.
2. The purifying face mask deeply cleanses the pores and removes impurities from the skin.
3. The purification ceremony involved burning sage to purify the energy of the room.
4. They purified the silver by heating it to a high temperature to remove impurities.
5. The priestess performed a ritual to purify the newly built temple and bless it with positive energy.
6. The water filtration system can purify tap water effectively.
7. They decided to purify the air in their home with an air purifier.
8. The chemist used a special process to purify the chemical compound.
9. The monks meditate to purify their minds and find inner peace.
10. We need to purify the contaminated soil before planting crops.
11. Her goal is to purify her diet by eliminating processed foods.
12. The priest performed a ritual to purify the sacred temple.
13. The purify button on the water dispenser makes it easy to use.
14. Scientists work tirelessly to purify samples for accurate testing.
15. The air quality in the city improved after they purify the emissions.
16. Let's purify our intentions and do this for the right reasons.
17. The water purification plant can purify thousands of gallons per day.
18. They plan to purify the polluted river for the community's sake.
19. The purification process removes impurities from the metal.
20. We must purify the environment to protect our health.
21. The ancient practice of yoga helps purify the body and soul.
22. The purify function on the app keeps your data safe.
23. To maintain a healthy aquarium, you must purify the water regularly.
24. The priestess used herbs to purify the sacred space.
25. We can purify the atmosphere by planting more trees.



cleanse, contaminate, pollute, dirty


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