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How to pronounce pyromaniac (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pyromaniac

A person who has a pathological desire to set fires.
"The police arrested the pyromaniac responsible for the recent string of fires."

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Detailed meaning of pyromaniac

Pyromania is a type of impulse control disorder, characterized by an irresistible urge to set fires and a fascination with fire and its effects. Pyromaniacs are often preoccupied with fire and have a strong desire to see and experience it. They may have a deep interest in fire-related equipment, such as lighters, matches, and gasoline, and they may also be fascinated by the effects of fire, such as the heat, light, and destruction it can cause. They may start fires in a variety of locations and situations, such as in buildings, forests, vehicles, or even on the street. Setting fires can provide a sense of excitement and release for a pyromaniac, they may feel a sense of pleasure, satisfaction or even relief when they see the fire or the damage caused by it. Pyromania is a serious disorder that can cause significant harm to individuals and property, and it requires professional treatment. Setting fires intentionally can also cause legal issues for the pyromaniac.

Example sentences containing pyromaniac

1. The movie villain was portrayed as a pyromaniac obsessed with setting things on fire.
2. The pyromaniac was sentenced to ten years in prison for arson.
3. The investigator suspected the fire was the work of a pyromaniac.
4. The pyromaniac confessed to starting the blaze that destroyed the building.
5. The pyromaniac had a history of setting fires and was considered a danger to the community.
6. The firefighter put out the flames caused by the pyromaniac before they could spread.

History and etymology of pyromaniac

The noun 'pyromaniac' combines two elements: 'pyro-' and 'maniac.' 'Pyro-' comes from the Greek word 'pur,' meaning 'fire,' and 'maniac' is derived from the Greek 'maniakos,' which means 'mad' or 'insane.' Therefore, a 'pyromaniac' is someone who is characterized by an abnormal or pathological fascination with fire and a compulsion to set fires. The term 'pyromaniac' reflects the underlying psychological condition that drives individuals to engage in fire-setting behavior. Its etymology underscores the intense and irrational nature of this obsession with fire, which distinguishes it from ordinary curiosity or interest in flames.

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Further usage examples of pyromaniac

1. The pyromaniac was caught on video surveillance starting the fire.
2. The therapist worked with the pyromaniac to understand and overcome their compulsion to start fires.
3. The city implemented measures to catch and prevent pyromaniacs from starting fires.
4. The neighbors were concerned about the pyromaniac living next door and reported suspicious activity to the police.
5. The insurance company investigated the fire and suspected it was the work of a pyromaniac.
6. The pyromaniac was arrested for starting multiple fires.
7. Detectives were on the hunt for the elusive pyromaniac.
8. Pyromaniac tendencies emerged in his troubled adolescence.
9. The community lived in fear of the pyromaniac's next act.
10. A pyromaniac's actions can have devastating consequences.
11. The pyromaniac's motive remained a mystery to psychologists.
12. Pyromaniac behavior often starts with small fires.
13. The authorities sought to rehabilitate the young pyromaniac.
14. Pyromaniacal urges are challenging to control.
15. The arsonist exhibited classic signs of a pyromaniac.
16. The pyromaniac confessed to igniting the building.
17. The pyromaniac's obsession with fire was concerning.
18. Intervention was crucial to help the pyromaniac seek treatment.
19. Pyromaniacal tendencies can lead to criminal charges.
20. The pyromaniac's actions left a trail of destruction.
21. The therapist specialized in treating pyromaniacs.
22. The fire department worked tirelessly to catch the pyromaniac.
23. Pyromaniacs often struggle with underlying mental issues.
24. The neighborhood watched out for the suspected pyromaniac.
25. Society grapples with how to rehabilitate pyromaniacs.



arsonist, protector, preserver, guardian


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 4, Harmful and Detrimental

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