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gulp, sip, taste, nibble


Consumption and Utilization, Enjoyment and Indulgence, Food and Drink



How to pronounce quaff (audio)


Dictionary definition of quaff

To drink something, usually an alcoholic beverage, in large gulps, or with great enthusiasm.
"At every family gathering, they would quaff homemade cider and share stories."

Detailed meaning of quaff

It implies a carefree attitude, and the act of drinking without any intention of savoring the drink. It can be used to describe the act of drinking in a celebratory or festive manner, such as "quaffing a pint of ale" or "quaffing champagne." The term is often used in literature, poetry, and literature as a way to describe a person drinking in a celebratory or joyful way. The term is often associated with hearty, boisterous, or carefree drinking and implies a lack of restraint. It can also be used in a more general sense, to describe the act of drinking something quickly, but not necessarily in a celebratory way. It is a term that can be used to describe a person's attitude towards drinking, as well as the act of drinking itself.

Example sentences containing quaff

1. After a long day's work, I just want to sit on my porch and quaff a cold beer.
2. In the height of summer, they would quaff lemonade under the shade of a large oak tree.
3. She was so thirsty that she would quaff the water without a second thought.
4. They would quaff champagne to celebrate every little victory.
5. "Quaff a few glasses of wine with us," he invited, lifting the bottle.
6. In medieval times, knights would often quaff mead after a victorious battle.

History and etymology of quaff

The verb 'quaff' has its etymological origins in Middle English and Old English. It is related to the Old English word 'cwæf,' which meant 'to drink' or 'to sip.' In Middle English, it evolved into 'quaffen,' signifying the act of drinking, often with enthusiasm, in large gulps. 'Quaff' typically refers to the consumption of beverages, especially alcoholic ones, with a sense of hearty enjoyment and enthusiasm. When someone 'quaffs' a drink, it suggests a spirited and often indulgent approach to drinking, as if they are relishing the experience and savoring the flavors. The etymology of 'quaff' underscores its historical connection to the act of drinking, emphasizing the idea of taking in a beverage with gusto and enthusiasm, particularly in the context of social or convivial gatherings.

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Further usage examples of quaff

1. In this heat, you need to quaff plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
2. Even though it was bitter, he would quaff the medicine without a complaint.
3. We'd quaff a few beers while watching the game, cheering our team on.
4. She decided to quaff the rest of her coffee before starting her day.
5. During the wine tasting, participants would quaff a variety of fine wines.
6. "Quaff the magic potion and you will gain superhuman strength," said the old wizard.
7. When the sailors finally reached land, they would quaff fresh water in celebration.
8. On the summit, we took a moment to quaff the hot chocolate we brought with us.
9. To stave off dehydration, hikers must quaff ample water during their journey.
10. He would quaff his milk quickly before his mother could nag him about it.
11. Every morning, she would quaff her green smoothie, hoping for health benefits.
12. "Quaff your drink, we're late for the movie," she called out from the front door.
13. In the tavern, they would quaff pints of ale and sing heartily into the night.
14. After the victory, they gathered to quaff celebratory champagne.
15. He would quaff ale mugs with gusto at the local pub.
16. At the party, they quaffed cocktails and danced all night.
17. In the summer heat, we quaffed ice-cold lemonade.
18. The friends would often quaff fine wines at their dinners.
19. To quaff the frothy beer, he lifted the tankard high.
20. After the long hike, they quaffed water from their canteens.
21. She loved to quaff herbal tea by the fireplace.
22. The travelers would quaff exotic spirits in far-off lands.
23. During the game, they quaffed energy drinks for a boost.
24. At the wedding, guests would quaff toasts to the happy couple.

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