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How to pronounce rafter (audio)


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Dictionary definition of rafter

A structural element of a building's roof that supports the weight of the roof covering and transmits it to the walls or other supporting structures.
"The carpenter carefully installed each rafter to support the roof structure."


Detailed meaning of rafter

Rafters are usually arranged in a parallel series to form the basic framework of a roof, and they often slope from a high point at the ridge down to the eaves. The size, shape, and spacing of rafters depend on the design of the roof and the load it needs to support. In traditional timber-framed buildings, rafters are often exposed and can be ornately decorated. In modern construction, rafters may be concealed by other building materials. Rafters play an essential role in the structural integrity of a building's roof, and they must be carefully designed and installed to ensure the safety and stability of the structure.

Example sentences containing rafter

1. The rafter's graceful curve added elegance to the ceiling.
2. The ancient temple's wooden rafters had weathered centuries.
3. A rafter from the barn's roof was repurposed for a shelf.
4. The house's exposed rafters created a rustic ambiance.
5. A skilled carpenter can shape a rafter with precision.
6. The attic's dusty rafters held forgotten treasures.

History and etymology of rafter

The noun 'rafter' has its roots in Old English, where it was known as 'rafter' or 'raftere,' referring to a structural element of a building's roof that supports the weight of the roof covering and transmits it to the walls or other supporting structures. The word 'rafter' can be traced back to the Old English verb 'raeftran,' which means 'to weave together.' This etymology underscores the historical method of constructing roofs by weaving or interlocking wooden beams or timbers to form the framework. Over time, 'rafter' has retained its fundamental meaning as a crucial component of roof construction, providing both support and stability to the roofing system.

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Further usage examples of rafter

1. The rafter's timber had a rich, golden hue.
2. The builder carefully aligned each rafter for symmetry.
3. The rafter's strength was tested by heavy snowfall.
4. The architect incorporated ornate carvings on the main rafter.
5. A broken rafter threatened the roof's stability.
6. The cabin's cozy interior featured exposed rafters.
7. The rafter beams were made from reclaimed wood.
8. The rafter's length was measured to fit precisely.
9. Rainwater dripped through a hole in the damaged rafter.
10. The barn's high ceiling showcased its robust rafters.
11. A skilled craftsman can restore antique rafters beautifully.
12. The historic church displayed magnificent, arched rafters.
13. The renovation project focused on preserving the original rafters.
14. The carpenter reinforced each rafter for added stability.
15. A single beam supported the weight of the rafter.
16. The rafter's design showcased intricate craftsmanship.
17. The attic's rafter had a noticeable crack.
18. He examined the old house's timber rafters.
19. The damaged rafter needed immediate repair.
20. The historic building's exposed rafter added character.
21. The builder carefully measured each rafter's length.
22. Strong, wooden rafters were crucial for the roof's integrity.
23. A sudden storm weakened the fragile rafter.
24. The architect admired the arched shape of the rafter.



beam, ground, foundation, floor


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