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unchecked, controlled, restrained, curbed


Suffix -ant, Advancement and Improvement, Development and Growth, Growth and Development



How to pronounce rampant (audio)


Dictionary definition of rampant

Growing, spreading, or increasing uncontrollably or in an unchecked way.
"The problem of homelessness was rampant in the city."

Detailed meaning of rampant

It is often used to describe a problem, an illness, a situation, or an emotion, that is out of control and that is causing harm or disruption. Something that is rampant is something that is spreading quickly and is difficult to stop or contain. A rampant disease, for example, is one that is spreading quickly and is difficult to control. A rampant emotion is one that is overwhelming, hard to control, and that affects the individual's ability to function normally. It can also describe a situation or a problem that is growing and spreading, and that is causing harm or disruption in a society, a community, or an organization. In general, it implies that something is growing or spreading in an uncontrolled way, and that is causing harm or disruption.

Example sentences containing rampant

1. The issue of corruption was rampant in the government.
2. The problem of poverty was rampant in the city.
3. The spread of misinformation was rampant on social media.
4. The issue of crime was rampant in the neighborhood.
5. The problem of pollution was rampant in the industrial area.
6. The spread of the virus was rampant in the country.

History and etymology of rampant

The adjective 'rampant' has its etymological roots in Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'ramper,' which means 'to crawl' or 'to creep.' This term, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'repens,' the present participle of 'reperire,' which means 'to find' or 'to discover.' In the context of 'rampant,' the idea of creeping or crawling takes on a figurative meaning. 'Rampant' describes something that is growing, spreading, or increasing uncontrollably or in an unchecked way, much like the unchecked growth of plants creeping along the ground. It conveys the sense of something proliferating vigorously and without restraint. 'Rampant' reflects its historical connection to the idea of unchecked expansion or growth.

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Further usage examples of rampant

1. The issue of discrimination was rampant in the workplace.
2. The problem of addiction was rampant in the community.
3. The spread of invasive species was rampant in the ecosystem.
4. The issue of overfishing was rampant in the ocean.
5. The spread of misinformation was rampant in the political campaign.
6. Inflation is rampant, causing widespread economic distress and uncertainty.
7. Cybersecurity threats are rampant, posing serious risks to online security.
8. Environmental pollution remains rampant, affecting air and water quality.
9. Misinformation is rampant on social media, leading to confusion and mistrust.
10. Human trafficking continues to be a rampant and heartbreaking issue globally.
11. Drug abuse is rampant in some marginalized communities, necessitating intervention.
12. Online scams have become rampant, preying on unsuspecting individuals.
13. Corruption remains rampant within certain political and corporate circles.
14. Obesity is rampant, with health implications for millions of people.
15. Violence has become rampant in certain urban neighborhoods, demanding urgent solutions.
16. The spread of invasive species is rampant, endangering ecosystems.
17. Hate speech online has become rampant, raising concerns about societal divisions.
18. Income inequality is rampant, with a stark wealth gap.
19. Child labor is still rampant in some industries, despite regulations.
20. Pollution of natural habitats is rampant, threatening wildlife.
21. Cyberbullying is rampant on social media platforms, harming individuals.
22. Food waste is rampant, despite global hunger issues.
23. Homelessness remains rampant in many cities, requiring social support.
24. Prescription drug prices are rampant, affecting access to healthcare.
25. Political polarization is rampant, hindering effective governance.

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