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How to pronounce reflective (audio)

Dictionary definition of reflective

Characterized by deep thought, contemplation, or introspection.
"The reflective essay prompted students to analyze their personal growth throughout the semester."

Detailed meaning of reflective

When used to describe an object or surface, it refers to the ability to reflect or bounce back light, similar to a mirror. However, when applied to a person, "reflective" suggests a thoughtful and introspective nature, indicating a tendency to carefully consider one's own thoughts, emotions, and experiences. A reflective individual often engages in introspection, taking the time to analyze their own actions, motivations, and beliefs. They may seek to gain insight, understand themselves better, or make sense of the world around them. Being reflective can also imply a willingness to learn from past experiences, acknowledge mistakes, and strive for personal growth. It involves a certain level of self-awareness and a capacity for introspective thinking, allowing individuals to deepen their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Example sentences containing reflective

1. She sat by the lake, enjoying the serene view and engaging in reflective thoughts.
2. The artist's paintings were known for their reflective surfaces that captured and played with light.
3. His reflective personality made him a great listener and advisor to others.
4. The reflective nature of the conversation led to a deeper understanding between the two friends.
5. The photographer used a reflective backdrop to create an interesting play of light and shadows.
6. She found solace in journaling, using it as a reflective practice to gain clarity and insight.

History and etymology of reflective

The adjective 'reflective' is derived from the Latin word 'reflectere,' which is a combination of 're-' (meaning 'back' or 'again') and 'flectere' (meaning 'to bend' or 'to turn'). In Latin, 'reflectere' originally meant to bend or turn something back, like light or sound. Over time, the term took on a more abstract meaning, representing the act of turning one's thoughts or attention back upon themselves in deep contemplation or introspection. Thus, the etymology of 'reflective' reflects the idea of inwardly turning one's thoughts or engaging in deep introspection, highlighting its association with characteristics such as deep thought and contemplation.

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Further usage examples of reflective

1. The reflective poem resonated with readers, evoking emotions and self-reflection.
2. He spent quiet evenings in his study, surrounded by reflective books that inspired deep thinking.
3. The hiking trip provided a reflective opportunity to appreciate nature's beauty and contemplate life's mysteries.
4. The counselor encouraged her clients to engage in reflective exercises to gain self-awareness.
5. The musician's reflective lyrics touched the hearts of many, resonating with their own experiences.
6. Her reflective nature led to insightful conversations.
7. The quiet, reflective moments were his favorite.
8. A reflective mood enveloped him on the mountaintop.
9. The book's reflective prose touched readers' hearts.
10. His reflective journal chronicled his personal growth.
11. The artwork had a deeply reflective quality.
12. She found solace in the reflective serenity of the lake.
13. A reflective attitude can improve decision-making.
14. The movie's reflective dialogue resonated with viewers.
15. His reflective gaze wandered through the starry night.
16. The retreat offered a space for reflective meditation.
17. The music created a reflective atmosphere in the room.
18. A reflective pause preceded his thoughtful response.
19. The poem's reflective verses captured universal truths.
20. The professor's lecture was both informative and reflective.
21. The sunset's colors cast a reflective glow on the water.
22. Her reflective writing style explored deep emotions.
23. The old diary was a treasure trove of reflective musings.
24. The park provided a peaceful, reflective escape.
25. The classroom atmosphere encouraged reflective thinking.



contemplative, thoughtless, unthinking, oblivious


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