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How to pronounce refuge (audio)


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Dictionary definition of refuge

A place or condition that offers shelter, protection, or safety, especially to individuals who are seeking sanctuary or relief from danger, hardship, or adversity.
"The cave was a refuge for the animals during the storm."

Detailed meaning of refuge

A refuge can be a physical location, such as a shelter, sanctuary, or safe haven, where people can find security and solace. It can also be a metaphorical concept, signifying a state of comfort or relief that provides a sense of protection and respite from challenges or threats. Refugees, for instance, are individuals who have fled their home countries in search of refuge from persecution, conflict, or other life-threatening circumstances. "Refuge" underscores the human need for safety and security in times of distress, and it represents a fundamental aspect of humanitarian and compassionate response to those in need.

Example sentences containing refuge

1. The refugees sought refuge in the neighboring country.
2. The shelter was a refuge for the homeless during the cold winter months.
3. He found refuge in his religion during difficult times.
4. The sanctuary was a refuge for endangered animals.
5. The city was a refuge for the persecuted minority group.
6. She found refuge in her hobbies during her recovery from the illness.

History and etymology of refuge

The noun 'refuge' has a rich etymology that stems from the Latin word 'refugium,' which combines 're,' meaning 'back,' and 'fugere,' meaning 'to flee' or 'to escape.' This etymology highlights the notion of seeking shelter or safety by returning to a place of protection. Over time, this Latin term evolved into the Old French word 'refuge,' which retained a similar meaning of a place offering shelter and safety. The concept of a refuge has transcended various languages and cultures, representing a fundamental human need for sanctuary and relief from danger, hardship, or adversity. It reflects the enduring idea that in times of trouble, individuals instinctively seek a secure place or condition to find solace and protection.

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Further usage examples of refuge

1. The monastery was a refuge for those seeking spiritual guidance.
2. The forest was a refuge for the plant and animal species.
3. He found refuge in the music and found solace in the lyrics.
4. The island was a refuge for the sailors during the storm.
5. The oasis was a refuge for the travelers in the desert.
6. In times of war, Switzerland has been a refuge for refugees.
7. The forest, with its dense canopy, provided a refuge from the scorching sun.
8. After the earthquake, the makeshift tents offered a temporary refuge.
9. The isolated cabin deep in the woods was a perfect refuge from the world.
10. The small village on the mountainside serves as a refuge for artists seeking inspiration.
11. The support group became a refuge for those dealing with loss.
12. The wildlife sanctuary offers a refuge for endangered species.
13. The battered women's shelter is a refuge from abusive relationships.
14. The meditation retreat center is a refuge for those seeking inner peace.
15. During the flood, the rooftop was the only refuge from the rising waters.
16. The community center provides a refuge for at-risk youth.
17. The old library has become a refuge for history enthusiasts.
18. The desert oasis is a vital refuge for nomadic tribes.
19. The botanical garden serves as a refuge for rare and exotic plants.
20. The remote island offers a refuge for adventurers seeking solitude.
21. The art gallery is a refuge for creativity and self-expression.
22. The peaceful garden is a refuge for quiet contemplation.
23. The national park serves as a refuge for wildlife preservation.
24. The sanctuary city offers refuge to undocumented immigrants.
25. The cozy cafe is a refuge for coffee lovers and bookworms alike.



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