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How to pronounce remunerative (audio)


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Dictionary definition of remunerative

Financially rewarding or profitable.
"He discovered that investing in cryptocurrencies could be a remunerative financial strategy."

Detailed meaning of remunerative

It refers to activities, endeavors, or opportunities that yield a significant return or compensation. When applied to work or employment, a remunerative job is one that provides a substantial income or financial benefits. It suggests that the activity or position has the potential to generate substantial earnings or financial gains. A remunerative business venture implies a high likelihood of profitability and monetary success. The term can also extend to other areas, such as investments or contracts, indicating that they have the potential to yield substantial financial returns. In essence, describing something as remunerative implies that it is capable of providing financial gain or a lucrative outcome, making it an attractive option for individuals or organizations seeking financial prosperity.

Example sentences containing remunerative

1. The entrepreneur embarked on a remunerative business venture that yielded substantial profits.
2. She pursued a career in medicine because it was known to be highly remunerative.
3. The stock market can be a remunerative investment opportunity if approached with caution.
4. The artist discovered that selling her artwork online could be a remunerative endeavor.
5. The CEO received a remunerative compensation package for successfully leading the company.
6. He took on a remunerative freelance project to boost his income.

History and etymology of remunerative

The term 'remunerative' has its origins in the Latin word 'remuneratus,' which is the past participle of 'remunerare.' In Latin, 're-' means 'again,' and 'munus' means 'gift' or 'service.' Therefore, 'remunerare' referred to the act of giving something in return, particularly in the sense of compensating for services rendered or rewarding someone for their efforts. Over time, this Latin word evolved into 'remunerative' in English, signifying something that provides compensation or profit, reflecting its etymological roots in rewarding and giving in return for one's work or service.

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Further usage examples of remunerative

1. The real estate market in that area was highly remunerative, attracting many investors.
2. The consultant provided remunerative advice that helped the company increase its revenue.
3. The actor's role in the blockbuster movie proved to be highly remunerative.
4. Many people pursue careers in technology due to the remunerative nature of the industry.
5. The company offered remunerative bonuses to motivate its employees.
6. The entrepreneur explored various remunerative opportunities before settling on a promising startup idea.
7. The sales commission structure made the job highly remunerative for the talented salesperson.
8. The consultant's remunerative services were in high demand due to their expertise in the field.
9. Investing in real estate can be highly remunerative.
10. The stock market can offer remunerative opportunities.
11. Entrepreneurship can be a remunerative career choice.
12. His remunerative job allowed him to travel the world.
13. A remunerative deal boosted their company's profits.
14. The tech industry offers remunerative salaries.
15. Freelance writing can be a remunerative gig.
16. Some careers are more remunerative than others.
17. The startup founders hope for a remunerative exit.
18. Her investments in stocks were remarkably remunerative.
19. He considered a career in law to be remunerative.
20. Finding a remunerative side hustle can be beneficial.
21. The business venture proved to be remunerative.
22. A remunerative contract secured their financial future.
23. A remunerative opportunity arose unexpectedly.
24. The remunerative project helped them achieve success.
25. They were drawn to the remunerative nature of the job.
26. Many find the tech industry to be highly remunerative.
27. The remunerative deal brought in significant revenue.
28. A remunerative investment portfolio is their goal.



profitable, unprofitable, unrewarding, loss-making


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Advantageous and Beneficial, Achievement and Excellence

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