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How to pronounce render (audio)


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Dictionary definition of render

To provide, deliver, or present something in a particular way or form.
"The graphic designer will render the logo in various color options."

Detailed meaning of render

It implies the act of transforming or converting one thing into another, often with the intent of producing a specific result or effect. 'Render' can refer to the act of giving assistance, service, or aid, as in rendering help to someone in need. It can also relate to the process of creating or depicting something, such as rendering a drawing or a computer-generated image. Additionally, 'render' may signify the act of causing an outcome or making a decision, as in rendering a verdict in a court of law. Overall, this verb emphasizes the notion of transforming, presenting, or providing something, whether it's information, a service, an image, or a judgment, often with a distinct purpose or intention in mind.

Example sentences containing render

1. The artist will render the breathtaking landscape in exquisite detail.
2. The lawyer will render legal advice to resolve the complex case.
3. Advanced technology can render complex tasks more manageable.
4. His eloquent speech will render the audience speechless in awe.
5. The chef will render a culinary masterpiece for the special occasion.
6. Education can render individuals more equipped for future challenges.

History and etymology of render

The verb 'render' has its etymology rooted in Latin and Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'rendrian,' which means 'to return' or 'to yield.' This Old English term is related to the Latin word 'rendere,' which also means 'to return' or 'to give back.' 'Render' entered the English language in the Middle Ages and is used to describe the act of providing, delivering, or presenting something in a particular way or form. Its etymology underscores the idea of giving back or presenting something, whether it be information, a service, or an artistic creation, as implied by both its Old English and Latin roots in 'rendrian' and 'rendere,' emphasizing the act of offering or delivering something to others.

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Further usage examples of render

1. The architect aims to render the client's vision into reality.
2. Clear instructions will render the process easy to follow.
3. Music has the power to render emotions that words cannot express.
4. Love can render even the toughest hearts vulnerable and tender.
5. The translator will render the book into multiple languages for global readers.
6. The artist will render a beautiful landscape painting.
7. He can render a flawless performance on the piano.
8. The architect will render a 3D model of the building.
9. The judge will render a verdict based on the evidence presented.
10. The chef will render the duck fat to use in the recipe.
11. She will render assistance to those in need.
12. The translator will render the document into multiple languages.
13. The technician will render the software compatible with different operating systems.
14. The singer will render a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem.
15. The lawyer will render legal advice to the client.
16. The engineer will render the design into a functional prototype.
17. The teacher will render the complex concept into simple terms for the students.
18. The doctor will render medical care to the patient.
19. The mechanic will render the car in perfect working condition.
20. The writer will render the story in a captivating narrative.
21. The magician will render the illusion of levitation.
22. The therapist will render counseling services to the client.
23. The makeup artist will render a glamorous look for the photo shoot.
24. The programmer will render the code error-free and optimized.



deliver, withhold, retain, take


SAT 1 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 6, Creation and Production

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