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How to pronounce renovate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of renovate

To restore, improve, or upgrade a building, space, or object to a better or more modern condition.
"The hotel management decided to renovate the lobby to give it a fresh and welcoming atmosphere."

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Detailed meaning of renovate

It involves making substantial changes or repairs to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, or overall quality. Renovation typically includes activities such as repairing or replacing outdated or damaged components, redesigning the layout, updating utilities or infrastructure, and enhancing the interior or exterior appearance. The process often involves demolishing existing structures, clearing out debris, and then rebuilding or remodeling the area according to new designs or specifications. Renovating allows for the revitalization and transformation of an existing structure, whether it be a home, office, or public space, to meet contemporary needs and standards, while preserving its essential character and integrity.

Example sentences containing renovate

1. They plan to renovate the old building into a modern office space.
2. The homeowners decided to renovate their kitchen with new appliances.
3. We need to renovate the bathroom to fix the plumbing issues.
4. The hotel is set to renovate its rooms to attract more guests.
5. The school will renovate the playground to make it safer for the children.
6. The company decided to renovate its website to improve user experience.

History and etymology of renovate

The verb 'renovate' has its roots in the Latin language, specifically from the word 'renovare.' In Latin, 're-' denotes 'again,' and 'novare' means 'to make new.' Therefore, 'renovare' meant 'to make new again' or 'renew.' This term was often used in the context of renewing or restoring something to its original, pristine condition. As it transitioned into English, 'renovate' retained this sense of rejuvenation and improvement, particularly in the context of buildings, spaces, or objects. So, when we renovate something today, we are following the etymological path laid down by 'renovare,' aiming to make it new again or enhance its condition, reflecting the essence of its Latin origins.

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Further usage examples of renovate

1. The government allocated funds to renovate the public library.
2. The historic mansion will undergo extensive renovations to restore its original charm.
3. The restaurant plans to renovate the dining area to create a more inviting atmosphere.
4. The organization raised money to renovate the community center.
5. The museum closed temporarily to renovate its exhibition halls.
6. The homeowners hired a contractor to renovate their outdated living room.
7. They are looking for volunteers to help renovate the local park.
8. The hotel will renovate its lobby to create a more luxurious ambiance.
9. The city council approved a budget to renovate the sports stadium.
10. The shop will close for a month to renovate its storefront.
11. The university plans to renovate the science laboratories to enhance research capabilities.
12. The landlord decided to renovate the rental property before listing it again.
13. The theater will renovate its seating to improve comfort for the audience.
14. The apartment complex will renovate its fitness center with new equipment.



refurbish, neglect, ruin, deteriorate


Progress and Enhancement, Inventive and Inspired, Resilience and Resolve, Endeavor and Pursuit, Excellence and Eminence

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