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How to pronounce replicate (audio)


Dictionary definition of replicate

To reproduce or recreate something in an identical or very similar manner.
"I have been attempting to replicate my grandmother's recipe for weeks now."

Detailed meaning of replicate

When we replicate something, we strive to make a faithful copy or imitation that closely matches the original in appearance, function, or behavior. This term is often used in various contexts, such as scientific experiments, where researchers aim to replicate the results of a previous study to verify their validity and establish the reliability of the findings. In technology and manufacturing, replication involves duplicating a product, process, or system to create multiple identical or similar versions. Additionally, in biology, cells replicate to generate new cells with the same genetic material, enabling growth, repair, and reproduction. Overall, the verb "replicate" encompasses the concept of reproducing or recreating something to achieve a high degree of similarity or fidelity to the original.

Example sentences containing replicate

1. Scientists are trying to replicate the results of a groundbreaking study.
2. The artist skillfully managed to replicate the texture of the waves in her painting.
3. You need to replicate the database before performing the update.
4. The architect wanted to replicate the charm of Victorian houses in his new design.
5. They used a 3D printer to replicate the missing piece of the ancient artifact.
6. To replicate the problem, we have to follow the same steps as the user did.

History and etymology of replicate

The verb 'replicate' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'replicare,' which is a combination of 're,' meaning 'again,' and 'plicare,' meaning 'to fold' or 'to twist.' In its Latin roots, 'replicare' conveyed the idea of folding something back or repeating it. This concept of repeating and reproducing was extended to the replication of patterns, objects, or ideas, particularly in the fields of art and craftsmanship. As the term made its way into English, it evolved into 'replicate,' retaining its original notion of creating an identical or very similar copy or reproduction of something. Thus, the etymology of 'replicate' highlights the idea of folding back or repeating to recreate something in an identical or highly similar manner.

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Further usage examples of replicate

1. The company tried to replicate the success of its rivals by launching a similar product.
2. The seamstress was able to replicate the intricate pattern on the fabric by hand.
3. DNA replicates itself during cell division.
4. The coach asked the players to carefully replicate the techniques demonstrated.
5. The cloning process can replicate animals with the same genetic material.
6. The virus is able to replicate itself quickly, leading to a rapid spread.
7. The software allows users to replicate virtual environments for testing.
8. The actor was praised for his ability to replicate the speech patterns of the character he portrayed.
9. Scientists aim to replicate the experiment's results.
10. Artists strive to replicate nature's beauty in their work.
11. They managed to replicate the original recipe perfectly.
12. Engineers need to replicate the car's performance.
13. The architect sought to replicate the historic building's design.
14. It's challenging to replicate the chef's secret sauce.
15. Researchers hope to replicate the study's findings.
16. The manufacturer can replicate the product on a large scale.
17. He tried to replicate the old painting's intricate details.
18. Designers aim to replicate the iconic fashion trend.
19. Programmers need to replicate the software's functionality.
20. The company plans to replicate its success worldwide.
21. The goal is to replicate the natural ecosystem in the zoo.
22. Athletes work hard to replicate their best performances.
23. They want to replicate the magic of their first date.
24. It's tough to replicate the thrill of that rollercoaster ride.
25. The artist can replicate the texture of various surfaces.
26. The team will replicate their winning strategy.
27. The challenge is to replicate the antique's craftsmanship.
28. They hope to replicate the peace achieved through mediation.

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