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How to pronounce reputed (audio)

Dictionary definition of reputed

Commonly believed or considered to be true, based on its reputation or general perception, even though it might not be definitively confirmed.
"He is reputed to be one of the best surgeons in the country."

Detailed meaning of reputed

It is often used to describe a person's reputation or standing in society. For example, a person may be reputed to be wealthy, or a business may be reputed to have a good reputation. It can also be used in the context of criminal investigations where a person may be reputed to be a known criminal. Reputed can also be used in other contexts such as an area reputed to be haunted, or a building reputed to have historical significance. Overall, reputed describes something that is widely believed or thought to be true, but has not been officially confirmed or proven.

Example sentences containing reputed

1. He was reputed to be the richest man in the world.
2. The school is reputed for its strong academic program.
3. She is reputed to be a difficult boss, but also highly respected.
4. The company is reputed for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.
5. He is reputed to be a brilliant but eccentric scientist.
6. She is reputed to have a photographic memory.

History and etymology of reputed

The adjective 'reputed' finds its origins in the Latin word 'reputare,' which means 'to reckon' or 'to consider.' In this etymology, the prefix 're-' signifies 'again' or 'back,' while 'putare' implies 'to think' or 'to believe.' Therefore, 'reputed' essentially means 'thought of again' or 'considered.' It describes something that is commonly believed or considered to be true based on its reputation or general perception, even though it may lack definitive confirmation. This etymology highlights the notion that 'reputed' attributes its status to the collective judgment or belief of a community, emphasizing its reliance on reputation and popular opinion rather than absolute certainty.

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Further usage examples of reputed

1. The restaurant is reputed for its delicious food and exceptional service.
2. He is reputed to be a master of negotiation.
3. The hotel is reputed to be one of the most luxurious in the city.
4. He is reputed to have connections in the criminal underworld.
5. The university is reputed to have one of the best engineering programs in the world.
6. She is reputed to be a skilled politician, able to navigate complex issues with ease.
7. The reputed haunted house, with its dark history, draws many curious visitors.
8. He's the reputed expert in ancient civilizations, known for his extensive research.
9. The island is reputed to have hidden treasure buried deep beneath its shores.
10. The hotel is reputed for its excellent service and luxurious accommodations.
11. The reputed gangster's story is shrouded in mystery and intrigue.
12. The reputed genius surprised everyone with his groundbreaking invention that changed industries.
13. The restaurant is reputed for its mouthwatering cuisine and unique flavors.
14. The reputed curse cast a dark shadow over the mansion, making it a local legend.
15. She's the reputed author of several bestsellers, known for her captivating storytelling.
16. The forest is reputed to be a tranquil retreat, perfect for nature lovers.
17. The castle is reputed to be centuries old, steeped in history and legends.
18. The reputed thief had a reputation for cunning heists that left authorities baffled.
19. The town is reputed to have unique traditions that have been passed down for generations.
20. The reputed hermit lived in solitude for years, away from the hustle and bustle of society.
21. The park is reputed for its breathtaking scenery, attracting photographers and hikers.
22. The city is reputed for its vibrant nightlife, with clubs and bars that never sleep.
23. The reputed artist's work is highly sought after, with collectors from around the world.
24. The cave is reputed to be a hidden gem, known only to a few intrepid explorers.
25. The spa is reputed for its rejuvenating treatments that leave guests feeling refreshed.
26. The museum is reputed to house rare artifacts from ancient civilizations.



believed, disproven, unknown, discredited

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