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How to pronounce residence (audio)


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Dictionary definition of residence

A place where an individual or a group of people live or dwell.
"The ambassador's residence hosted a diplomatic reception for foreign dignitaries."

Detailed meaning of residence

It is a physical location that serves as a home or a place of residence. Residences can vary widely in size, style, and amenities, ranging from small apartments and houses to large estates and mansions. The term "residence" typically implies a more permanent or long-term arrangement, distinguishing it from temporary accommodations such as hotels or vacation rentals. A residence provides individuals with a sense of belonging, privacy, and security, serving as a personal sanctuary where they can relax, engage in daily activities, and create lasting memories. It often reflects the personal taste, preferences, and lifestyle of its occupants, with various rooms and spaces designed for specific purposes, such as bedrooms for sleeping, kitchens for cooking, and living areas for socializing. Overall, a residence plays a fundamental role in providing shelter, comfort, and a place to call home for individuals and families.

Example sentences containing residence

1. I moved into my new residence last week and I'm still unpacking boxes.
2. The luxurious residence had a stunning view of the ocean.
3. The president's official residence is heavily guarded at all times.
4. The residence was filled with beautiful artwork and antique furniture.
5. I'm looking for a pet-friendly residence to rent in the city center.
6. The historical residence has been converted into a museum for visitors to explore.

History and etymology of residence

The noun 'residence' has its etymology rooted in the Latin word 'residens,' which is the present participle of the verb 'residere.' 'Residere' is a combination of 're,' meaning 'again,' and 'sidere,' meaning 'to sit.' Therefore, the etymology of 'residence' implies the act of sitting or dwelling again. In its modern sense, a 'residence' refers to a place where an individual or a group of people live or dwell, emphasizing the idea of a location where people repeatedly sit or dwell, making it their habitual place of abode. This etymology reflects the historical and enduring nature of habitation associated with the term 'residence.'

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Further usage examples of residence

1. The celebrity's extravagant residence featured a private cinema and a swimming pool.
2. My parents' retirement residence offers various activities and amenities for the elderly.
3. The residence had a spacious backyard where children could play.
4. The politician's scandalous affairs were exposed when a tabloid photographer sneaked into his residence.
5. The remote mountain residence provided a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city.
6. My cozy residence overlooks a serene lake.
7. The historic residence is open for tours.
8. Her elegant residence boasts a stunning garden.
9. The crowded residence echoed with laughter.
10. A modern residence with minimalist decor.
11. The luxurious residence offers top-notch amenities.
12. Their residence exudes charm and character.
13. The remote mountain residence is peaceful.
14. The presidential residence is heavily guarded.
15. The beachfront residence has breathtaking views.
16. Our temporary residence was a quaint cottage.
17. The artist's residence is a creative haven.
18. The ancient castle serves as a royal residence.
19. His temporary residence is a downtown loft.
20. The retirement residence provides care for seniors.
21. The embassy's residence is a diplomatic hub.
22. The family residence has a large backyard.
23. Their countryside residence is a peaceful escape.
24. The suburban residence is perfect for families.
25. Her beachside residence is a vacation retreat.



home, workplace, office, transient place


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