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How to pronounce resurgent (audio)


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Dictionary definition of resurgent

Renewal, revitalization, or resurgence.
"The resurgent economy brought new hope to the struggling town."


Detailed meaning of resurgent

It denotes something or someone that is experiencing a strong and noticeable comeback after a period of decline, stagnation, or dormancy. When used to describe a phenomenon, organization, or individual, it suggests a remarkable rebound, a renewed vigor, or a resurgence of activity, influence, or popularity. The resurgent entity exhibits a renewed sense of strength, energy, or momentum, often surpassing previous achievements or expectations. It implies a revitalized spirit and a positive trajectory, signaling a return to prominence, success, or relevance. The resurgent adjective encapsulates the essence of a powerful comeback and embodies the optimism associated with renewed growth and prosperity.

Example sentences containing resurgent

1. Her resurgent spirit after the illness was an inspiration to everyone.
2. The resurgent team made an impressive comeback, winning the championship.
3. The resurgent popularity of vinyl records has taken many by surprise.
4. The nation's resurgent pride was evident during the Independence Day celebrations.
5. The garden, once withered, was resurgent with color in the spring.
6. They rebuilt their brand and experienced resurgent success in the market.

History and etymology of resurgent

The adjective 'resurgent' finds its roots in the Latin word 'resurgens,' which is the present participle form of the verb 'resurgere.' 'Resurgere' is composed of two Latin elements: 're,' indicating 'again,' and 'surgere,' meaning 'to rise' or 'to spring up.' Thus, 'resurgent' etymologically signifies something that rises or springs up again, embodying the notion of renewal, revitalization, or resurgence. This word has retained its connection to the idea of revival throughout its linguistic journey and has come to represent a reawakening or a renewed surge of activity or interest in a particular domain, reflecting its etymological origins.

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Further usage examples of resurgent

1. With resurgent tourism, the coastal town flourished again after the hurricane.
2. The resurgent waves after the storm reshaped the shoreline.
3. The resurgent rebellion was quelled by government forces within days.
4. The forests have been showing resurgent growth since the conservation efforts began.
5. He returned to the stage with a resurgent passion for acting.
6. The artist's resurgent creativity led to a new series of masterpieces.
7. The resurgent interest in vintage fashion led to higher sales in thrift stores.
8. After years of silence, the resurgent volcano erupted, stunning geologists.
9. The resurgent interest in vintage fashion is undeniable.
10. A resurgent economy brought prosperity to the region.
11. The team's resurgent spirit led them to victory.
12. A resurgent interest in traditional crafts is emerging.
13. The resurgent popularity of vinyl records is surprising.
14. The company experienced a resurgent period of growth.
15. A resurgent wildlife population is a sign of conservation efforts.
16. The resurgent enthusiasm for space exploration is inspiring.
17. The resurgent interest in gardening is a pandemic trend.
18. A resurgent appreciation for local cuisine is evident.
19. The resurgent popularity of board games is a trend.
20. A resurgent political movement is gaining momentum.
21. The city's resurgent arts scene is attracting talent.
22. A resurgent love for reading is encouraging literacy.
23. The resurgent interest in fitness is promoting health.
24. A resurgent commitment to renewable energy is vital.
25. The resurgent focus on mental health is long overdue.
26. A resurgent sense of community is evident in the neighborhood.
27. The resurgent use of public transportation is reducing traffic.
28. A resurgent curiosity about science is fostering innovation.



reviving, declining, fading, weakening


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