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Definition of 'retrograde'

Moving or proceeding in a backward or reverse direction, or something that is returning to an earlier state or condition.
"The retrograde flow of blood in the vein was a sign of a serious condition."

Detailed Meaning of 'retrograde'

This word can be used in a variety of contexts, from astronomy (to describe the apparent movement of a planet in the sky) to medicine (to describe a condition in which a bodily function or process deteriorates or worsens). In a more general sense, the term "retrograde" can also describe something that is considered old-fashioned or outdated, as if it is moving backwards in time. This usage of the term often has a negative connotation, suggesting that the subject in question is not keeping up with the times or is stuck in the past.


Examples of 'retrograde' in a Sentence

1. Retrograde motion baffles astronomers and challenges celestial predictions.
2. Economic retrograde hampers growth, raising concerns for the job market.
3. Technological retrograde stifles progress; we should advance, not regress.
4. Retrograde beliefs clash with modern values, hindering societal advancement.
5. Planets sometimes appear to undergo retrograde motion in the night sky.
6. Retrograde amnesia erases recent memories, leaving gaps in personal history.

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Origins & Etymology of 'retrograde'

The adjective 'retrograde' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'retrogradus,' which is formed by combining 'retro' (backward) and 'gradus' (step or degree). In Latin, 'retrogradus' originally meant stepping or moving backward, and it was often used to describe a reversal or regression. Over time, this term was adapted into English as 'retrograde,' retaining its core meaning of moving or proceeding in a backward or reverse direction, or referring to something that is returning to an earlier state or condition. The etymology of 'retrograde' effectively captures the idea of a reversal or backward movement, emphasizing the concept of going back or retracing steps.


How to pronounce retrograde (audio)


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