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How to pronounce revert (audio)


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Dictionary definition of revert

To return to a previous state, condition, or behavior, often as a result of habit, tradition, or necessity.
"We can always revert to our original plan if necessary."


Detailed meaning of revert

It implies a backward movement or a shift back to a prior mode of operation or a former state of affairs. 'Revert' is commonly used to describe the action of going back to a previous topic in conversation or reverting to an earlier version of software or a document. It can also signify the resumption of a past practice or the recurrence of a particular behavior or pattern. In essence, 'revert' emphasizes the idea of returning to a familiar or former state, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and it often suggests a sense of continuity or the influence of past customs and habits.

Example sentences containing revert

1. Despite her efforts to change, she would often revert to old habits in times of stress.
2. The software update caused some issues, causing the system to revert to its previous version.
3. In times of crisis, people tend to revert to their instinctual responses.
4. The company decided to revert to its original logo after the redesign was unpopular.
5. After a brief period of cooperation, the rivals would revert to their competitive ways.
6. During the power outage, the house would revert to using candles for illumination.

History and etymology of revert

The verb 'revert' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'revertere,' which is a combination of 're' (back) and 'vertere' (to turn). In Latin, 'revertere' originally meant to turn back or return. Over time, this term was adapted into English as 'revert,' retaining its fundamental meaning of returning to a previous state, condition, or behavior, often as a result of habit, tradition, or necessity. The etymology of 'revert' effectively conveys the concept of a backward or returning movement, emphasizing the act of going back to a former state or mode of operation.

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Further usage examples of revert

1. Despite modernization efforts, some rural communities still revert to traditional farming methods.
2. In times of uncertainty, investors often revert to safe-haven assets like gold.
3. After years of progress, he felt a strong urge to revert to his old way of life.
4. The town would revert to its peaceful atmosphere after the tourist season ended.
5. When facing a tough decision, she would often revert to seeking advice from her parents.
6. Please revert to the previous version of the document.
7. He promised to revert back with the requested information.
8. Let's revert to the main topic of discussion.
9. In uncertain times, people tend to revert to their comfort zones.
10. I hope we can revert to a more peaceful state of affairs.
11. If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to revert and try again.
12. The system will automatically revert to its default settings after the update.
13. It's important to revert to a healthy diet after indulging in junk food.
14. Let's revert to our original decision and move forward.
15. The patient's condition started to improve, but then it suddenly reverted.
16. The software update caused the program to revert to its previous version.
17. The company decided to revert to its old logo after negative feedback.
18. The project encountered several setbacks, forcing the team to revert to an earlier stage.
19. They tried a new strategy, but eventually had to revert to their original plan.
20. The legislation aims to revert power back to the people.
21. Despite his progress, he occasionally reverts to old habits.
22. The system will automatically revert to the previous settings upon restart.
23. After experimenting with different colors, she decided to revert to her natural hair color.
24. We need to revert to the original agreement to resolve this dispute.



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