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disgusting, appealing, attractive, pleasant


Conflict and Confrontation, Disdain and Contempt, Repugnance and Revulsion



How to pronounce revolting (audio)


Dictionary definition of revolting

Extreme disgust, repulsion, or abhorrence.
"The revolting sight of the decaying carcass made me turn away in disgust."

Detailed meaning of revolting

The adjective "revolting" has several distinct meanings. Firstly, it can describe something that is highly offensive or repugnant, often pertaining to strong negative reactions related to taste, smell, or appearance. For example, a revolting odor or taste refers to something that is nauseating or highly unpleasant. Secondly, "revolting" can express a deep aversion to something morally or ethically objectionable, such as revolting behavior or revolting actions that go against societal norms or values. It signifies actions or conduct that is highly offensive or abhorrent, causing a strong feeling of disgust. Thirdly, the term can be used metaphorically to describe an intense feeling of revolt or rebellion against authority, oppressive systems, or unjust circumstances. In this context, "revolting" conveys a sense of strong opposition or resistance to established norms or power structures, suggesting a desire for change or a call for revolution. Overall, "revolting" represents an adjective that denotes intense disgust, moral objection, or rebellious sentiments.

Example sentences containing revolting

1. The revolting odor from the trash bin made everyone hold their breath.
2. His revolting behavior at the dinner table was truly unforgettable.
3. The movie's revolting scene caused half the audience to leave early.
4. She has a revolting habit of picking her nose in public.
5. The soup’s revolting taste made me want to instantly spit it out.
6. I encountered a revolting mess in the abandoned building.

History and etymology of revolting

The word 'revolting' has its origins in the Latin word 'revolvere,' which means 'to turn back' or 'to roll back.' This etymology reflects the idea that something 'revolting' figuratively turns one's stomach or emotions backward in a sense, causing extreme disgust, repulsion, or abhorrence. Over time, the word evolved in Middle English to 'revolten,' meaning to rebel or revolt against authority, and eventually, it took on its modern meaning of something extremely unpleasant or offensive, invoking strong feelings of aversion. So, the etymology of 'revolting' underscores its ability to make one emotionally recoil or 'roll back' in response to something truly repugnant.

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Further usage examples of revolting

1. The revolting image was permanently etched into my memory.
2. Revolting crime scenes always made the detective’s stomach churn.
3. She was aghast at the revolting condition of the public restroom.
4. The revolting sight of the decayed food made me nauseous.
5. A revolting smell lingered long after the garbage was removed.
6. His revolting remarks about women were condemned by many.
7. We were confronted with a revolting scene of animal cruelty.
8. The fridge’s revolting contents had been rotting for weeks.
9. The revolting state of the room made it clear it hadn’t been cleaned.
10. A revolting revelation came to light during the investigation.
11. She had a revolting feeling of bugs crawling on her skin.
12. His jokes were so revolting that nobody could even pretend to laugh.
13. Their revolting treatment of the prisoner was condemned globally.
14. Revolting acts of violence were depicted in the controversial film.
15. The artist's revolting piece was meant to shock and unsettle.
16. A revolting stench arose from the mysterious liquid.
17. I found his enjoyment of others' pain utterly revolting.
18. The revolting sight was too gruesome for children to witness.
19. We stumbled upon a revolting display of decay and filth.
20. People were shocked by the politician’s revolting corruption.
21. A revolting rash spread across his skin after touching the plant.
22. The revolting meal before me was entirely inedible.
23. The revolting novel was banned for its graphic content.
24. A revolting video went viral, sparking widespread outrage.

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