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How to pronounce ribbing (audio)

Dictionary definition of ribbing

Good-natured teasing, banter, or playful mocking among friends or acquaintances.
"The couple's ribbing towards each other was a sign of their affection."

Detailed meaning of ribbing

It typically involves light-hearted comments or jokes meant to amuse and entertain rather than hurt or offend. Ribbing often occurs in social settings where people feel comfortable with each other, and it serves as a way to bond and strengthen relationships through humor. It can involve poking fun at someone's quirks, habits, or minor mishaps, all in the spirit of camaraderie. While ribbing is generally harmless and enjoyable for those involved, it's essential to maintain sensitivity and respect for boundaries to ensure that it remains fun and friendly rather than hurtful or mean-spirited.

Example sentences containing ribbing

1. Their ribbing about his clumsy dance moves made everyone laugh.
2. In a spirit of ribbing, they teased her about her quirky fashion sense.
3. The group's playful ribbing created a lively atmosphere.
4. Friends often engage in good-natured ribbing to bond.
5. The ribbing among coworkers lightened the office mood.
6. Her sense of humor allowed her to take the ribbing in stride.

History and etymology of ribbing

The noun 'ribbing' has its roots in the world of textiles and clothing. It originally referred to the raised lines or ridges in knitted or woven fabric, resembling the ribs of a plant or the framework of a building. Over time, this term took on a metaphorical meaning, representing the playful teasing or banter among friends or acquaintances. The connection between the literal and metaphorical meanings lies in the idea of gently 'ribbing' or poking fun at someone, much like the raised ridges in fabric. Therefore, the etymology of 'ribbing' beautifully illustrates its historical evolution from a textile-related term to one describing good-natured teasing and playful mocking among friends.

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Further usage examples of ribbing

1. Their friendly ribbing about his cooking skills was all in fun.
2. Family gatherings were filled with affectionate ribbing.
3. A bit of ribbing can enhance camaraderie among teammates.
4. He responded to the ribbing with a clever comeback.
5. The ribbing was a way of showing their fondness for him.
6. Their humorous ribbing was a regular part of their friendship.
7. The ribbing about his fashion choices became an inside joke.
8. The evening was marked by laughter and good-natured ribbing.
9. She joined in the ribbing, proving she could take a joke.
10. The ribbing among the students lightened the exam stress.
11. The siblings engaged in playful ribbing at the family reunion.
12. The ribbing between coworkers fostered a sense of unity.
13. The friendly ribbing continued throughout the game.
14. Their constant ribbing was a testament to their close friendship.
15. The group of friends engaged in playful ribbing throughout the night.
16. The siblings' ribbing towards each other was a sign of their close relationship.
17. The coworkers' ribbing towards the new employee helped them feel more comfortable.
18. The comedian's ribbing towards the audience had them in stitches.
19. The teammates' ribbing towards the captain showed their trust in him.
20. The family's ribbing towards the youngest member was a sign of their acceptance.
21. The classmates' ribbing towards each other helped to break the ice.
22. The boss's ribbing towards the employees showed their friendly management style.
23. The musician's ribbing towards the bandmates created a sense of unity.
24. The coach's ribbing towards the players helped to motivate them.
25. The group's ribbing towards the friend who was always late was good-natured fun.



banter, seriousness, gravity, solemnity


Character Traits and Behavior, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Mockery and Insults

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