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burst, mend, repair, heal


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How to pronounce rupture (audio)


Dictionary definition of rupture

To break or tear apart forcefully, often referring to the sudden and violent separation of a material or structural entity.
"The sudden impact caused the water pipe to rupture."

Detailed meaning of rupture

It is commonly used in the context of physical objects, such as a rupture in a water pipe causing a leak, or a rupture in a muscle resulting in injury. 'Rupture' implies a rupture or breach that is often unintended and disruptive, causing damage or dysfunction. Additionally, it can also be used metaphorically to describe the breakdown of relationships, trust, or agreements, emphasizing the sudden and sometimes irreparable damage to a connection or understanding between individuals or parties. In both literal and metaphorical senses, 'rupture' conveys a sense of abrupt and often detrimental separation or damage.

Example sentences containing rupture

1. The balloon will rupture if it's filled with too much air.
2. The pressure inside the container caused it to rupture.
3. The delicate fabric of the dress threatened to rupture under the strain.
4. If you don't handle the glass bottle carefully, it might rupture.
5. The earthquake caused the ground to rupture, creating deep cracks.
6. The dam's failure led to a rupture in the water supply system.

History and etymology of rupture

The verb 'rupture' has its roots in the Latin word 'ruptura,' which is derived from the verb 'rumpere,' meaning 'to break' or 'to tear apart.' In its original Latin form, 'ruptura' referred to the act of breaking or tearing something apart, and it later evolved into the English word 'rupture.' The etymology of 'rupture' is closely tied to the concept of forceful and often sudden separation, emphasizing the violent and destructive aspect of the action. It vividly captures the idea of something being torn or broken apart, whether it pertains to a material, structural entity, or even a bodily organ in a medical context.

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Further usage examples of rupture

1. The surgeon worked swiftly to repair the blood vessel before it could rupture.
2. The tension in their relationship was building, and it felt like it could rupture at any moment.
3. The stress on the bridge's support beams could cause them to rupture.
4. If you continue to overexert yourself, your muscles may rupture.
5. The gas pipe developed a leak and threatened to rupture.
6. The tire's sidewall weakened over time and eventually started to rupture.
7. The intense pressure caused the pipeline to rupture, resulting in an oil spill.
8. The weakened foundation of the building could rupture under heavy vibrations.
9. The dam was designed to withstand earthquakes and prevent a rupture.
10. The surgeon used careful stitches to prevent the wound from rupturing.
11. The intense heat caused the water pipe to rupture and flood the area.
12. The loud explosion caused a rupture in the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
13. The emotional strain was becoming unbearable and threatening to rupture their friendship.
14. The old water main finally reached its breaking point and began to rupture.

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