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How to pronounce saccharine (audio)

Dictionary definition of saccharine

Excessively sweet or sentimental in a way that is cloying or sickly.
"The greeting card had a saccharine message that made her roll her eyes."

Detailed meaning of saccharine

It can be used to describe anything that is overly sugary, whether it's a dessert, a piece of art, or a piece of writing. The term can also be used to describe something that is overly sentimental or insincere, as if it were trying too hard to be sweet. In the latter sense, "saccharine" is often used in a negative way to suggest that something is phony or manipulative.

Example sentences containing saccharine

1. The saccharine taste of the cake was too sweet for her liking.
2. The saccharine smell of the perfume was overpowering.
3. The romantic movie was criticized for its saccharine storyline.
4. The soda had a saccharine aftertaste.
5. The gift shop sold saccharine figurines that were popular with collectors.
6. The wedding planner suggested a saccharine theme for the reception.

History and etymology of saccharine

The adjective 'saccharine' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'saccharum,' which means 'sugar.' The term 'saccharine' originally described something that had the taste or qualities of sugar, specifically being excessively sweet. Over time, it took on a metaphorical meaning to describe not only things that were overly sweet in taste but also those that were excessively sentimental or cloying in an artificial or sickly manner. Thus, the etymology of 'saccharine' reflects its historical connection to the world of sweetness and sugar, which has been extended to describe the quality of being excessively sweet or sentimental, often in a way that is considered insincere or overly exaggerated.

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Further usage examples of saccharine

1. The singer's saccharine voice was perfect for the ballad.
2. The love song had saccharine lyrics that made some listeners cringe.
3. The couple's social media posts were filled with saccharine captions.
4. The marketing campaign used saccharine slogans to appeal to a younger audience.
5. The children's book had a saccharine ending that pleased the young readers.
6. The saccharine love story left everyone with a toothache from its sweetness.
7. Beneath her saccharine smile, she harbored a hidden bitterness.
8. The saccharine sweetness of the dessert made him cringe.
9. He found the movie's saccharine ending overly sentimental.
10. The saccharine greeting cards filled with clichés failed to touch her heart.
11. The saccharine romance novel was filled with predictable plot twists.
12. The saccharine lyrics of the song felt forced and artificial.
13. The saccharine sentimentality of the speech left the audience rolling their eyes.
14. She had a saccharine way of sugarcoating harsh truths.
15. His saccharine compliments felt insincere and rehearsed.
16. The saccharine decorations at the party made it feel like a children's carnival.
17. The saccharine love poems were almost nauseating in their sweetness.
18. The saccharine dialogue in the play left the audience cringing in their seats.
19. The saccharine perfume was overpowering and headache-inducing.
20. The saccharine sitcom relied on tired and overused jokes.
21. Her saccharine laugh grated on his nerves like nails on a chalkboard.
22. The saccharine optimism of the speaker rang hollow and unrealistic.
23. The saccharine atmosphere of the event was stifling and uncomfortable.
24. His saccharine apologies had lost their sincerity over time.
25. The saccharine portrayal of family life in the movie felt artificial and contrived.



sugary, sincere, genuine, heartfelt


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