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How to pronounce salacious (audio)

Dictionary definition of salacious

Characterized by a strong inclination toward sexual content, often of a lewd, obscene, or lascivious nature.
"The salacious details of the affair were splashed across the front page of the newspaper."

Detailed meaning of salacious

It denotes a quality that is explicitly suggestive or focused on arousing sexual interest or desire. When applied to media, literature, or conversations, it indicates content that is excessively provocative, explicit, or titillating, sometimes crossing the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable or decorous. "Salacious" can also be used to describe a person's thoughts, comments, or behavior that are overtly sexual or obsessed with eroticism, typically with an emphasis on sensuality or indulgence. In essence, it conveys a strong and often inappropriate interest in sexual matters or content.

Example sentences containing salacious

1. The tabloid's salacious headlines grabbed attention but lacked substance.
2. His salacious remarks at the office were met with discomfort.
3. The film's salacious scenes pushed the boundaries of decency.
4. The comedian's salacious humor divided the audience.
5. The novel's salacious content was deemed unsuitable for young readers.
6. The magazine's salacious articles catered to a specific audience.

History and etymology of salacious

The adjective 'salacious' has its roots in Latin, originating from the word 'salax,' which means 'lustful' or 'eager for sensual pleasures.' This Latin term is related to 'salire,' meaning 'to leap' or 'to spring forth,' which metaphorically refers to the excitement and passion associated with sexual desire. Over time, 'salacious' evolved in English to describe something characterized by a strong inclination toward sexual content, often of a lewd, obscene, or lascivious nature. The etymology of 'salacious' underscores the idea of leaping or springing into sensual pleasure, emphasizing the intense and often explicit nature of the sexual content it describes.

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Further usage examples of salacious

1. The rumors about their salacious affair were scandalous.
2. The talk show host's salacious discussions stirred controversy.
3. Her salacious jokes often left people cringing in their seats.
4. The art exhibit featured salacious paintings that provoked thought.
5. His salacious texts were inappropriate and unwelcome.
6. The actor's salacious reputation overshadowed his talent.
7. The politician faced scrutiny over salacious allegations.
8. The music video was criticized for its salacious imagery.
9. The gossip column was filled with salacious gossip about celebrities.
10. The TV show's salacious plot twists kept viewers hooked.
11. The play delved into the salacious world of intrigue and betrayal.
12. Her salacious comments were met with raised eyebrows.
13. The scandalous photos had a salacious allure for some.
14. The movie's salacious content earned it an adult rating.
15. The tabloid newspaper was filled with salacious stories about celebrities.
16. The politician was accused of engaging in salacious behavior with a staff member.
17. The movie was criticized for its salacious content and graphic sex scenes.
18. The novel was banned for its salacious and explicit language.
19. The comedian's jokes were considered too salacious for the family-friendly event.
20. The gossip columnist was known for spreading salacious rumors about public figures.
21. The website was shut down for featuring salacious and pornographic material.
22. The art exhibit was controversial for its salacious depictions of nudity and sexuality.
23. The journalist was fired for publishing a salacious article without proper fact-checking.
24. The talk show was cancelled after a guest made salacious comments that offended the audience.
25. The song lyrics were deemed too salacious for radio airplay by censors.
26. The social media platform faced criticism for allowing salacious and explicit content to be posted without proper moderation.



lascivious, wholesome, decent, pure


GRE 8 (Graduate Record Examination), Attraction and Allure, Passion and Pulchritude, Enjoyment and Delight, Love and Sex

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